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Nikhat Zareen opens up winning her first World Championship medal



Nikhat Zareen has proved to the world how hard work and consistency can get you far. In an exclusive interview with Times of India, She opened up about her journey. Check out complete details about it below.

Nikhat Zareen opens up about winning her first World Championship medal: Find out some glimpses from the interview

She spoke up about her experience in an exclusive conversation with The Times of India.

“You know, I had no idea at the time, but being almost immediately after the trial, with my family, greatly aided in my development I’d grown up in camps.Then the bout began, and you went looking for a spot to hide. returning home I was at home, hiding and recovering, when the a pandemic occurred.

words can not describe how soothing being at home was for me. It completely took me off guard.

She said, “I spent all of my time with Abdul Malik and Mahad, my year-old nephew and niece, and pata hi nahin chala, kahan time gaya, kya hua thi jo kuch bhi hua. The New Year arrived, and I emerged as a fully refreshed and new person. ‘Tokyo was not in my destiny,’ I assured myself. Place it aside. It’s a new year, so let’s start over. Most significantly, I realised that what is out of your control is out of your control.

She added, “Allow yourself to go. It’s pointless to worry about it. Move on, work hard, and don’t slack off; what must come your way will come your way. I’m now the global champion. There are no concerns.”

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