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Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022 Schedule and Prize Money Details

The lasts of the event run from March 7 to 13. At the magnificent Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel in the city of Antalya. It is renowned as one of Europe’s impressive destinations, recognized for its culture, history. And suitable area on the Mediterranean coastline. Check Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022 Schedule.

 They should pass around (Best of 9 frameworks). It is to be held at The Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel in Antalya (Turkey) place. Where are the four ideal gamers in the World Ranking (that play the tournament)? And invited neighborhood gamers will play their qualifying suit.

Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022 Schedule
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Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022 Schedule:

Event Dates: 7-13 March 2022. Location: Cosmos Performance Hall– Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel Antalya. The excellent Nirvana Cosmopolitan Hotel was the host of the brand-new Nirvana Turkish Masters world ranking occasion in Antalya.

The competition will run from March 7 to 13 in 2022. It will be the first specialist occasion organized in Turkey. With 64 players heading to the gorgeous city of Antalya to compete for prize money of ₤ 500,000.

Mon 7Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022
Tue 8Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022
Wed 9Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022
Thu 10Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022
Fri 11Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022
Sat 12Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022
Sun 13Nirvana Turkish Masters 2022

Below’s the cash prize malfunction for the new Turkish Master’s world placing event:

  • Champion: ₤ 100,000.
  • Runner-up: ₤ 45,000.
  • Semi-finals: ₤ 20,000.
  • Quarter-finals: ₤ 12,500.
  • The Last 16: ₤ 7,500.
  • The Last 32: ₤ 5,500.
  • Last 64: ₤ 3,500.
  • High break: ₤ 5,000.
  • Total: ₤ 500,000.

All compared to and including the quarter-finals will be the finest of 9 frames. With the semi-finals best of 11 and the final best of 17.

The certifying round in Barnsley will range from September 16 to 21. Adhered to by the lasts in Antalya from September 27 to October 3. WST will keep track of all standards on traveling and Covid safety and security. Collaborating with federal governments in the UK and overseas.

If for any reason, we are unable to organize the event on these. Antalya is renowned as one of Europe’s outstanding destinations. Recognized for its culture, history, and excellent place on the Mediterranean coastline. The tournament will be televised by an array of broadcasters worldwide, consisting of Eurosport and Matchroom Live.

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