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Number 1 Ranked WWE Wrestler Right Now in The World

WWE also called World Wrestling Entertainment is the main form of sports entertainment in the world. Every superstar in the world hopes to compete in the WWE ring. So Check Number 1 Ranked WWE Wrestler Right Now In The World.

Despite other wrestling promotions, WWE has maintained its strong position in the world for decades. It has a huge fan following and is one of the most popular shows that people watch.

Many superstars have dominated the WWE for decades from The Rock to Stone Cold Steve Austin to John Cena to Brock Lesnar and many others.

Check out the page for finding out the number 1 ranked WWE wrestler right now in the world

Number 1 Ranked WWE Wrestler Right Now In The World

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Roman Reigns

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Samoan-American professional wrestler, actor, and former college football player for Georgia Tech. He was part of the Anoa’i Wrestling Family.

Roman is the Universal Champions and performs on the Brand “SmackDown” using Roman Reigns as his ring name.

Currently, He is playing the persona of the “Tribal Chief” on the brand and is the leader of the faction “The Bloodline” along with his cousins Jimmy and Jey Uso along with Paul Heyman

He won the universal championship in the pay-per-view PayBack with Heyman by his side and has held on to the title since then defeating everyone including the likes of Cesaro, Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, John Cena.

In the main event of Wrestlemania 37 night 2, He successfully defended his championship against Royal Rumble Winner Edge and Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match.

He is the top guy in the WWE right now and is the number 1 wrestler in the company right now. No one is near right now in terms of his persona, character, and, fan following right now

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