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On the Tawi River’s banks: How Jammu and Kashmir players are breaking into Indian Premier League

Vivrant Sharma is the most recent sensation in the Indian Premier League after SunRisers Hyderabad got him for Rs 2.6 crore – a colossal amount of cash for an uncapped cricketer. He is the fifth player from Jammu and Kashmir to play in the IPL 2023.

When asked about what makes Jammu and Kashmir players unique, the most recent sensation in the Indian Premier League auctions, Vivrant Sharma, responds, “We believe.” In the IPL 2023 auctions, the 23-year-old rookie was the most expensive uncapped rookie, earning a staggering Rs 2.6 crore, or 13 times his original value of Rs 20 lakh.

Recently, players from Jammu and Kashmir have been in high demand in the Indian Premier League. In fact, the auction on December 23 in Kochi had 21 registered players. In recent times, Jammu and Kashmir have discovered absolute treasures.

While Umran Malik has emerged as the fastest bowler India has ever produced in its cricketing history, Abdul Samad has established himself as a natural six-hitter. J&K has been overlooked and ignored for years, but now scouting firms are focusing on it, suggesting a number of great candidates.

Royal Challengers Bangalore, on the other hand, outbid Kolkata Knight Riders to acquire Avinash Singh Manhas, who hasn’t played a domestic match in Indian cricket.

For Vivrant, it was all about Abdul Samad and Umran Malik breaking through the glass ceiling

When we were kids, Abdul Samad, Umran Malik, and I started playing cricket together in Jammu. We internalized the belief that if Samad and Umran could play in the IPL, we could too. Therefore, players begin to believe in themselves whenever the glass ceiling is broken, Vivrant tells IndiaToday in an exclusive interview.

The cricketer, who was 23 when his brother failed to make it to the big leagues, had a difficult journey. At 26 years old, Vikrant, the older brother, had to move into business to support his family. However, he was always there for his brother Vivrant, who had shown promise since he was a young child.

My brother used to play left-handed, and I started copying him and playing left-handed since class 6, Vivrant recalls. I was not left-handed by birth.

My brother used to play cricket at the intercollegiate level. Around the age of 26, he quit playing cricket. Despite concentrating on business, he remained by my side throughout my cricket career.

Since I was a kid, he used to pick me up and drop me off at all of my matches and training, and he has always been my moral support, the all-rounder claims.

A number of cricketers from Jammu and Kashmir have previously been recruited for a variety of roles, including as net bowlers. Vivrant’s career began, like that of Umran Malik’s, as a net bowler for the SRH team. After that, he tried out for almost every IPL team.

Knowing how the IPL franchise works inside helped, as did the fact that he had a successful domestic season personally.

At almost every franchise, I had great experiences. Since CSK, KKR, MI, and SRH were my best trials, I had a small expectation that I would be picked up. However, Vivrant states, I got so tensed when the bidding war started, but it felt really good after the process was completed.

The IPL’s money has the power to alter mortals. An influx of crores can alter one’s way of life, approach, and life choices. Despite this, Vivrant maintains his composure, stating that money is not the most important aspect of his life.

Life will continue in the same manner. With money, I don’t think anything changes in a big way. However, your mindset shifts. You usually become more sincere and focused. Many people would have been changed by money if it could. Vivrant commented on the IPL bidding war, But the main thing is that, whatever you are doing, you should be happy from within doing that.

In the Indian Premier League, Vivrant, Umran, and Samad are scheduled to play for SunRisers Hyderabad. Avinash Singh will play for Royal Challengers Bangalore and Yudhvir Singh Charak will play for Lucknow Super Giants in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The young guns have all been raised near Jammu on the banks of the Tawi river. Umran Malik is said to have gotten his core strength from Tawi because he trained on the river’s sandbanks, which helped shape his body. Vivrant seemed thrilled when asked how it would feel to play with his friends in the IPL.

On the day of the auction, I spoke with Umran and Samad. They were exceptionally glad for me. We have played together from start and ideally, we will hold playing together from now on, he laughed.

IPL is a brutal company. On one day, you’re a star, and on another, you’re not. Swapnil Asnodkar and Paul Valthaty might have a few stories to share.

However, these Jammu and Kashmir boys have every reason to be optimistic because they seem to be creating their own space, which is reflected in the name Vivrant. In Hindi, it means to stand apart from the group.

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