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On this day in WWE History- the Hall of Famer makes their long-awaited debut

WWE host the 28th annual Survivor Series on November 23, 2014. The Scottrade Center in Saint Louis hosted the show. Missouri, St. Louis Team Cena, and Team Authority competed in a high-stakes 5-on-5 elimination match in the main event, which ended unexpectedly.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the Authority’s leaders, had abused their authority for far too long, acting according to what they believed was “best for business.”John Cena and four men—Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan, and Ryback—came to the rescue after months of oppression.
Vince McMahon said that if Team Authority lost, Hunter and Stephanie would lose power and could never influence a WWE Superstar’s life.

Seth Rollins, their protégé, led the Power Couple’s star-studded team. Their forces also included Rusev, Kane, Luke Harper, and Mark Henry.
But it was a night that hurt HHH and the prestigious legacy of the current CEO. They made every effort and went to great lengths to maintain their power, but two men, a well-known veteran who was underutilized and a Hall of Famer, ended all of their ambitions.

Within a minute of the bell ringing, Big Show defeated an enthusiastic Mark Henry to begin the match. Rusev eliminated Ryback, dubbed the X-factor, with some assistance from Rollins a few minutes later, leveling the score.
After Harper eliminated Rowan and The Bulgarian Brute, the eliminations would continue. The World’s Largest Athlete defeated the team captain at the pivotal moment of the match when Show and Cena confronted the remaining members of Team Authority.

After Cena was pinned by Rollins, the seven-footer thanked Hunter and left the match. Ziggler was put in a three-on-one situation by the shocking betrayal.

The Showoff fought back and defeated Harper and Kane in spite of everything. The Authority was shaken by the former champion. He hit a Zig-Zag on Rollins and tried to get a three-count, but Triple H grabbed the referee out of the ring in a fit of rage. Ziggler was given a pedigree by The Game, and Scott Armstrong, the crooked official, was called out.

Before a unique, unheard theme song filled the arena, Armstrong counted to one. The lights went out, and the crowd waited for the mysterious individual who had stopped the three-count.To Hunter’s dismay and the roar of the WWE Universe, Sting emerged.

Armstrong was stopped in his tracks by the Icon, who then entered the ring and stared The Cerebral Assassin in the eye.
Sting placed Ziggler over Rollins after a prolonged, intense staredown and floored HHH with the Scorpion Death Drop. The Authority was eliminated when Hunter disqualified the referee and tallied three.

Sting had a disappointing WWE career

But his debut was flawless. It created a lot of buzzes and made the WCW legend appear like the icon he was. He had focused on Triple H. The two savage opponents at long last clashed at WrestleMania 31 of every one of the most profoundly expected debuts ever.

Unfortunately, Sting lost his first and most significant WWE match. The Game pinned his legendary opponent with his trademark Sledgehammer after an eighteen-minute thriller with drama as DX and the NWO invaded the match.

In September, The Man They Call Sting would return to target, Seth Rollins. They met at Night of Champions, and Rollins won with a roll-up to keep his championship. Sadly, it was also Sting’s last match for the company, as a botched Buckle bomb resulted in a career-threatening spinal injury.
During his 2016 induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, Sting’s accomplishments were honored. He announced his retirement from the in-ring competition during his speech at the induction ceremony.
However, WWE would not see The Icon return to the ring. Sting returned to action after going to AEW.

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