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Pakistani pacer, believes that only the legendary Virat Kohli could have hit him for those two sixes in India’s thrilling victory over Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match in October

Rauf stated that he would have felt hurt if Hardik Pandya or Dinesh Karthik had hit him like that when he spoke to a Pakistani website for the first time about those two hits.India defeated archrival Pakistan by four wickets thanks to Kohli’s unbeaten 83 off 52 balls, which is considered one of the best T20 innings ever.
Kohli first lofted Rauf down the ground with a back-foot punch for the ages and then flicked him behind square to basically end the game before the final over, needing 28 off the last eight balls.That was his level of play and the kind of shots he hits, including the two sixes he hit.

I don’t think any other player could hit shots like that.Rauf is still unable to comprehend the first six shots that Kohli hit from the ground: “I had no idea that he (Kohli) can hit me down the ground off that length. That his class when he hit me with that shot.My strategy and execution were satisfactory, but that shot was flawless.

Rauf intended to give Mohammed Nawz, a left-arm spinner, a cushion of at least 20 runs for the final over, but Kohli’s brilliance overturned his plans.

I bowled three slower balls because 28 were required off the last eight balls, and he was deceived. Out of four, I had only bowled one quick ball.Since the square boundary’s dimensions were larger, the plan was to bowl slower in that back-of-a-length zone.
Rauf claimed that he and Kohli have a good relationship because he bowled to Kohli at the India nets during the 2018-19 series, when the last Test was played at the SCG.

I had bowled to the Indian team while playing Grade 1 club cricket in Sydney.They have always greeted me with a lot of warmth, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, and Ravi Shastri.In fact, Ravi Shastri told me during the World Cup that he was thrilled to see my success and transition.

Kohli has also been extremely grateful.

He informed me that you bowled at our nets, and it’s encouraging to see your international success.FIFA World Cup 2022:What Argentina and Germany need to do to be eligible for the FIFA World Cup Round of 16 in 2022:How Argentina and Germany need to fit the bill for Round of 16.

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