Pat Cummins’ Subtle “Custom Made” Jibe at Team India During the Nagpur Pitch Debate

Although Australia hasn’t won a Test series in India in 19 years, Pat Cummins said that his team doesn’t have the baggage of previous victories and losses.

In advance of the first Test match, which will take place on February 9, Australia captain Pat Cummins made it abundantly clear on Wednesday that his team is not bothered by the debate regarding the pitch in Nagpur.

Several reports claimed that India was attempting to “doctor” the pitch after Ian Healy stated that the hosts would be making the pitch to fit their game plan.

Cummins stated that the team will face difficulties as a result of the “custom-made” conditions for India.

“The fact that these tours always present new challenges. Both on and off the field are what makes them so special. One of the challenges of playing far away is that. Home teams want to win at home.

In Australia, we are fortunate to frequently experience pace and bounce. I don’t think home advantage is a bad thing.

Cummins stated, “When you know the conditions are just made for them. It’s another challenge and makes touring here even harder.”

Even though Australian cricket teams haven’t won a Test series in India in 19 years, current captain Pat Cummins would tell anyone who would listen that his team doesn’t have any baggage from previous wins and losses.

In addition, Cummins emphasized the significance of a strong first-innings score. This will be crucial in the context of the series since India will present one of Australia’s most difficult challenges.

“No, this team is very different from many other teams that have played at this location in the past. When asked by reporters if his thoughts would be significantly influenced by previous outcomes.

Cummins responded, “We don’t carry the wins, we don’t carry the losses.” As a consequence of this,
“We are excited because we are aware that traveling to India will be difficult and because India is a very good cricket team, especially at home.

And, yes, we will try our best,” Cummins continued. The world’s best speedster responded, “Yeah, I think it’s more important here than anywhere else in the world, that first-innings lead, hopefully.”

When asked about the totals in the first inning. You just have to find a way to put a big score on the board. Especially when you consider that if it spins, the second inning will be extremely difficult.”

Rough will be outside left-handers’ off stump” Even before a ball has been bowled on the VCA stadium track, the Australian media has already started talking about “doctored pitches.”

One article in the Sydney Morning Herald predicted the nature of the wicket. However, Cummins put things into perspective by stating that the curators had to dry areas.

Where India’s right-hand seamers will create rough spots for the host spinners to exploit due to his lineup’s abundance of left-handed players.

However, Cummins wants to take on the challenge, in contrast to the media in his nation. “Once more, that is something that we simply need to accept.

It will be a lot of fun. It will be difficult at times, but our batters will relish the chance to solve problems on their own, and many of them will get that chance.”

However, Cummins refrained from making a first-inning score prediction. “In the first innings, you must bat big. It could vary from venue to venue.

While 250 may be sufficient at some venues, 500 may be required at others. Reading the wicket may at times be challenging, but you must be prepared for everything.” Lyon will bowl many runs.

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