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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date Revealed, also check the trailer



Only Pokemon was a popular cartoon from the beginning. There is no child or adult who cannot say that Pokemon is not good. Personally, it has been along with my list of favorites. However, with time, Pokemon has evolved from a cartoon into a game. And I would say that it has been a very good thing. Check Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date Revealed.

There is reason to say so. Anyone, while watching Pokemon sitting in front of the TV, must have thought once or twice if this Pokemon was with me! And when that Pokemon turns into a game, that’s what comes to mind, this Pokemon is mine. That means you can touch through your elusive Pokemon in-game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date Revealed, also check the trailer

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date Revealed
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There is currently a trailer and release date for Pokemon Scarlett and Violet. The excitement has been high since the game’s trailer came out. At the same time, the latest additions to the long-running Pokemon game series are set for release on November 18, 2022.

This announcement is shown in a long three-minute trailer of Pokemon scarlet and violet. Needless to say, this game is a completely open-world Pokemon game.

Where you get complete freedom as a gamer to explore any area. Not only this but traditional trading and battling multiplayer modes can also be seen in this game.

With this, you will get a new 4 player co-op multiplayer experience in the game. Meanwhile, according to the new Pokemon and Violet trailer released by Nintendo, two new legendary Pokemon are available.

The names of these two Pokemon are koraidon and myrmidon. And among them koraidon features Pokemon Scarlett. On the other hand, myrmidon is available in Pokemon Violet.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date Revealed
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The first thing you see in the trailer is a sunny scene. Although we are slowly advancing towards the ice climate. Somehow the two climates are somewhat mixed. Currently, there is only one trailer.

Where we get a brief look at the world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With this, we can see Pikachu, Myoth, Lucario, Savior, and many more familiar Pokemon faces.

Then comes the second trailer on 1st June 2022. And this trailer became the new Pokemon and a new look for the Pokemon Center. At the same time, we realize that there is an interesting story in it.

Looking at the trailer, it still seems like Scarlett and Violet are probably looking for some kind of time travel story. However, nothing can be said right now.

So friends wait until November 18th. On this day you will get answers to all your questions. And at the same time, everyone’s curiosity will be satisfied.