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Police Tero vs Nakhon Ratchasima Prediction, Head-To-Head, Lineup, Betting Tips, Where To Watch Live Today Thai League 1 2022 Match Details – November 27

Police Tero FC is occupying the eighth position in the Thailand Premier League whereas if we look at the rank of Nakhon Ratchasima it is eleventh in the points table. The team Police Tero has played well in the last five matches with a good score. Nakhon Ratchasima has given a poor performance in their last match series. Today 27th of November both teams will have a head-to-head game against each other.

After 13 matches, the Police Tero football team is in the 8th position in the league table with 19 scored points, they have 5 wins, 4 draws, and 5 losses. After 14 league matches, Nakhon Ratchasima comes up with the below statistics- 4 wins, 3 draws, and 7 losses. This allows them to occupy the 11th spot in the Thai Premier League.

Police Tero vs Nakhon Ratchasima Prediction

In contrast to the performance of the team Nakhon, which has won a total of eight games against the team Police Tero, just two games have been won by Police Tero against the team Nakhon. However, if we examine the points table facts, we find it extremely remarkable that Team Nakhon is placed eleventh, while Team Police Tero is ranked eighth. Thus, it is evident from the aforementioned statistics that there is a greater likelihood of the team Nakhon winning the game.


Total matches played = 13

Police Tero won = 2

Police Tero lost = 8

Nakhon Ratchasima won = 8

 Nakhon Ratchasima lost = 2

Match Draw = 3


Police Tero Probable Players:

  • Teerathep Winothai
  • Akwa Raphael Success
  • Keith Nah
  • Siam Yapp
  • Settawut Wongsai
  • Lesley Ablorh
  • Rangsan Viwatchaichok
  • Ekkachai Samre
  • Sorawit Panthong
  • Sitthichok Tassanai
  •  Isaac Honny
  • Chalermsak Aukkee
  • Chompon Buangam
  • Nuttapon Sukchai,
  • Sinthaweechai Hathairattanakool (goalkeeper)

Nakhon Ratchasima Probable Players:

  • Jordan Murray
  • Siroch Chatthong
  • Morgan Ferrier
  • Rittiporn Wanchuen
  •  Tyronne
  • Oliver Granberg
  • Nopphon Ponkam
  • Dylan De Bruycker
  • Romran Rodwinitch
  • Charlie Clough
  • Amani Aguinaldo
  • Patcharapol Intanee
  • Abdulhafiz Bueraheng
  • Pisan Dorkmaikaew (goalkeeper)

betting tips

The odds of the team Police Tero winning the match are low given the match stats for both teams. Eight games were won by Nakhon Ratchasima over Police Tero. Thus, Nakhon Ratchasima is the wager that matters.

Where To Watch Live Today Thai League 1

Below is a list of the nations that have channels. The following channel listed below offers live streaming of the game.
Live from 
Hong Kong-M Plus
Thailand-AIS Play 
Macau-M Plus

match details

Match:Police Tero Vs Nakhon Ratchasima
Date and Day:Sunday 27, 2022
Time:05:30 p.m.
Venue:Boonyachinda Stadium(Bangkok)

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