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Premier League Kit Ranked, From Best To Worst

Premier League Kit Ranked, From Best To Worst

Premier League Kit Ranked, From Best To Worst: So far, rumors and leaks of Fulham’s home kit for returning to the Premier League were just speculation. The release of Fulham’s home kit for the Premier League means that all 20 home shirts are confirmed.

Premier League Kit Ranked, From Best To Worst: So far, rumors and leaks of Fulham’s home kit for returning to the Premier League were just speculation.
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The Premier League has a huge number of kits, and fans are passionate about which is their favorite. These style-conscious football fans want to know, for example, which kit is the worst in the league.

In order to respect your opinion, we have ranked every home kit for the 2022-23 Premier League season based on the opinion of our writer.

To get a good sense of how the different jerseys rank, you should ask others what they think too. Here are five specific examples ranked based on these criteria:

20. Southampton:  

There is too much going on in the design, which clutters its aesthetic. The sponsor on this jersey looks messy, and there are other white sections where texturing is unnecessary.

19. Leicester City:

The design of this shirt is not classy and mismatched with the golden Adidas logo and club badge.

18. Chelsea: 

Nike have created a shirt that has drawn the ire of the football-loving public, in what feels like a poor attempt to recapture the magic of England’s Euro 2020 home jersey.

17. Aston Villa:

The design is not boring, but anything new and transformative is never a guaranteed success.

16. Wolverhampton Wanderers: 

The Wolverhampton Wanderers home shirt lacks creativity. The collar, however, is a good detail on the otherwise neutral black shirt.

15. Brighton & Hove Albion:

The Nike’s design for Brighton and Hove Albion is unoriginal and it shouldn’t contain too much yellow. However, you can never be sure whether or not you like the design because it’s emotionally driven.

14. Everton: 

Everton have made white collared shirts that are great for people who want to stay out of the lime light. However, Hummel hasn’t created a design with much long-term value

13. Liverpool:

For some, it’s too simple. For others, it looks sophisticated. I’m in the middle ground, and I’m not exactly thrilled about it.

12. Brentford: 

Brentford carried over their home shirt to another season and did so with a considerable price reduction.

11. Arsenal: 

Adidas’ collared released for 2022/23 are actually a little bit overrated. Despite this jersey getting positive feedback from fans, we think the end product leaves something to be desired and does not live up to its reputation from some leaks.

10. Newcastle United:

It’s the second time a Castore team has been Newcastle United’s kit supplier. The weird ‘4’ on their previous kit was swapped for stripes with a neat finish at the neck and arm. There’s nothing ground-breaking but it’s an upgrade from Newcastle United’s previous design.

9. Tottenham Hotspur: 

Tottenham Hotspur’s newest design is a stripped-down, simple design that rank low in creativity.

8. Manchester United: 

The Manchester United jersey has given us mixed reviews, but the collars and bordered badges have created a more durable, stylish uniform.

7. West Ham: 

There is no consensus on the shoulder texturing which, in some ways, gives West Ham a unique touch.

6. Nottingham Forest: 

This shirt looks more refined than most other styles, but we’re not entirely sure it deserves to be on the high end of pricing because of its simplicity.

5. Leeds United: :

Adidas made an attractive design for the Leeds United shirt where every detail is on the same page.

4. Fulham:

It was worth the wait in the end. Fulham unveiled their new home kit a week before the season started. The black trims are accented by red waves that make it look smart and even more beautiful.

3. Crystal Palace: 

Some don’t enjoy the Palace team theme for this year, but Macron deals with the craziness of blue and red by adding a thick white border.

2. Manchester City:  

The unifying maroon and white is offset by a sky blue colour, making it an incredibly appealing outfit. The logos are centralised as well, giving this jersey another level of sophistication.

1. Bournemouth: 

The team from Bournemouth used a smarter collar and more complicated stripes to create a remarkable kit with the same qualities as Atletico Madrid’s.

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