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Preview of RAW prior to Backlash 2023: Top Champion to switch brands in less than a month, highly regarded superstar to possibly end year-long title run?

Before Backlash 2023 Preview, welcome to RAW! The development to Backfire has been a decent one, and with no Roman Rules to guard the title, WWE has needed to compensate for it with what can be viewed as areas of strength for a, not stacked card.

This episode will also be the second night of the 2023 WWE Draft, so we’ll know where the next year’s changes are going and what they mean for the future.

Who will alter the brand? And heading into the first Puerto Rico Premium Live Event in 18 years, who will gain momentum?

5. Will Bianca Belair settle her dispute with Damage CTRL?

Bianca Belair, the RAW Women’s Champion, will switch to the blue brand, but there is no guarantee that she will become the SmackDown Women’s Champion right away.

At Backlash 2023, Belair, who has been Champion for more than a year, faces a significant challenge from highly regarded IYO SKY of Damage CTRL.

While last week saw The EST collaborate with Ladies’ Label Group Champions Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan to overcome Harm CTRL, the finish of the story may not be guaranteed to go in support of herself.

Albeit a title trade is generally conceivable, and in all likelihood, there is likewise a decent chance that IYO SKY will oust Bianca Belair and be the one to trade titles one week from now after Kickback.

4. The WWE Draft’s second night continues.

The second evening of the WWE Draft proceeds with this week on Crude. On the first night, there were a lot of changes, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same tonight.

Rhea Ripley will return to the red brand less than a month after becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion because RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair and IYO SKY are moving to SmackDown.

Aside from that, the WWE landscape won’t change much until WrestleMania 40, at the very least, because of some of the major changes.

3. The US Title quarrel reaches a critical stage

Keep going week on Crude, Austin Hypothesis cut a promotion, just to be taken out by his two challengers at Backfire 2023 – Bobby Lashley and the rising-yet-misjudged star Bronson Reed.

The Australian star stood tall keep going week on Crude, apparently telling everyone that he is setting down deep roots and is peering toward quite possibly of the greatest award in the business.

At Backlash 2023, who will have the mental edge going into what could be the match of the night?

2. What is the subsequent stage in the Damian Cleric Terrible Rabbit story on Crude?

Last week in the headliner of Crude, Damian Cleric got himself excluded against Rey Mysterio in the wake of getting disappointed. Even though the assault on the WWE Hall of Famer began, Puerto Rican megastar Bad Bunny returned at the episode’s conclusion to rescue Mysterio and make a significant announcement.

He revealed that instead of hosting WWE Backlash 2023 as advertised, he will now compete in a Street Fight against Damian Priest.

In response, what will a member of The Judgment Day have to say?

1. On RAW, Brock Lesnar is back!

Brock Lesnar is back on the red brand following two or three weeks. This will be his third appearance since WrestleMania 39, with his initial one bringing about a heel turn after a merciless attack on Cody Rhodes.

He returned the previous time with a significant change in appearance, but he didn’t say a word as he let all of the security go ahead and be beaten down by Cody Rhodes.

What will The Beast Incarnate have to say about Lesnar’s shocking turn when he headlines Backlash 2023 against The American Nightmare?

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