Prizes for the 2022 FIFA World Cup: How much in INR will the winners of Qatar 2022 take home?

On Sunday, November 20, the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar saw Ecuador defeat the tournament’s hosts 2-0.32 teams, including Qatar and Ecuador, will compete for the prize money and the coveted title in the tournament.

The prize money at this year’s showpiece event, which will be held in Russia for the 22nd time, is expected to be higher than it was four years ago. In fact, the value of the prizes has increased with each football World Cup.

FIFA has allocated $440 million for Qatar 2022, an increase of $40 million from the 2018 edition. The prize money for the 2014 Brazil World Cup was $358 million. Every participating team, in addition to the winners and runners-up, will be rewarded for reaching Qatar in 2022.

The winner of the third-place play-off will receive $27 million, the runner-up will receive $25 million, and the quarterfinalists who finished in the bottom eight places will receive $17 million.
All 32 teams, including those that finish in the round of 16 and the group stages, are eligible to win cash prizes.

The group stage winners will each receive $9 million, while the round of 16 losers will each receive $13 million.

At the 2018 World Cup, France took home $38 million, while Croatia took home $28 million. Germany took home $35 million in prize money in 2014, $5 million more than Spain did in 2010 when they won the tournament in South Africa.

Italy received $20 million in 2006. Prior to the event in 2006, the winning team had never received more than $10 million. For each edition since 1982, the winners’ earnings have been broken down in this table.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money:

  • Winner – INR 344 crores ($42 million)
  • Runner Up- INR 245 crores ($30 million)
  • 3rd Place – INR 220 crores ($27 million)
  • 4th place – INR 204 crores ($25 million)
  • 5th – 8thplace – INR 138 crores ($17 million)
  • 9th – 16th place – INR 106 crores ($13 million)
  • 17th -32nd place – INR 74 crores ($9 million)

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