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Protest in Iran, Anti-National forces Responsible: Iranian media

Iranian security forces shot a man celebrating Iran’s defeat in the ongoing Football World Cup in Qatar. The name of the slain youth is being told as Mehran Samak.

Oslo-based Iranian Human Rights Group has claimed that after the US victory, 27-year-old Samak Bandar was celebrating by honking his car horn in Anjali when security forces shot him in the forehead.

America defeated Iran 1-0 in the World Cup Group B match on Tuesday night. With this defeat, the Iranian team was out of the tournament. Following this, anti-government protesters in northern Iran publicly celebrated the country’s football team’s exit from the World Cup.

Videos from some cities have even shown crowds dancing and singing in the streets, as many Iranian citizens believe the team represents the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Anti-national forces responsible: Iranian media

According to media reports, Iran’s state media is blaming opposing forces inside and outside the country for putting unnecessary pressure on the national football team.

Why protest…?

The Islamic dress code for women there is quite strict. According to Iranian law, women are required to cover their heads with a hijab or headscarf when leaving the house. There are provisions for severe punishment for violation.

Iranian players remained silent during the national anthem

Iran’s football players also refused to sing the national anthem before their opening match against England in support of protesters in the country.

nationwide demonstrations in Iran

Countrywide protests are going on in Iran. The people there have been protesting against the government for the last three months.

Violent protest after Amini’s death

The protests flared up after the death of Mahsa Amini. Amini, 22, was arrested by Morality police on 13 September. She was accused of violating hijab rules. Amini died in custody. However, the Iranian government attributed Amini’s death to a heart attack.

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