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PSG Forward to give confirmation on Kylian Mbappe on joining Real Madrid



PSG are exploring all options to keep Kylian Mbappe. But it is expected that he will shortly announce his intention to join Real Madrid as the club’s flagship acquisition. Check out complete details about it below.

PSG Forward to give confirmation on Kylian Mbappe on joining Real Madrid

The French champions have offered the 23-year-old a wage contract that is said to be treble his present terms. And worth over £4 million per month, making him the top earner in the game.

An agreement also would ensure a massive signing-on fee in the range of £100 million, as well as concessions on image rights and bonuses for goals, Ballon d’Or honors, and Premier League victory.

PSG is certain that Mbappe would earn much less at Real Madrid and that money is not influencing his decision.

They’ve spent 18 months trying to persuade him that he is the club’s “heartbeat,” their most cherished asset. And the guy who represents everything they want to stand for: born in Paris, a global sensation, an unstoppable force in the game.

According to sources close to Mbappe, the club’s words and actions contradict each other – their collection of headline talents stunts his capacity to develop into a more complete, consistent danger. And their reluctance to advancing in the Champions League is also an obstacle to his personal maturation.

There is still resentment over how PSG portrayed the forward’s intention to depart at the start of the season. Mbappe notified the club towards the end of July that he intended to leave for Real Madrid, honoring a promise he made not to go on a free transfer, but it was depicted as if he only pushed for it in the final week of the transfer window.

PSG’s sports director Leonardo maintained that a deal of £180 million from Real Madrid on deadline day never eventuated, after the rejection of two lesser bids (£135 million and £152 million).

Meanwhile, sources close to Real Madrid and the Mbappe camp indicate this was on the board and would be paid in two equal payments.