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Qatar 2022 for the FIFA World Cup: Nora Fatehi was confronted by trolls for wearing the tricolor “Upside Down.”

Qatar 2022 for the FIFA World Cup: At the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 fanfest event, Nora Fatehi was confronted by trolls for wearing the tricolor “Upside Down.”

Nora Fatehi, the Bollywood entertainer and artist who as of late performed at the FIFA fanfest, is overall mercilessly savaged for holding the public banner supposedly ‘topsy turvy’.She gave a performance at a fan festival for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which is taking place right now in Qatar.

People mocked the dancer, saying, “Tiranga ulta Kyun pakda hain (why are you holding the tricolor upside down)”, “Tiranga thik se pakdo (hold the tricolor properly),” “Indian flag ulta kyun pakra Nora Madam (why have you hold the tricolor uside down Nora Madam),” and “Ap apna dance dikhane gyi

Additionally, there were fans who clapped emojis and praised her for her performance at the FIFA. Some individuals wrote, “loved it” and “proud of you Nora Fatehhi.”

At the fanfest event, Fatehi’s performance of the song Kamariya won hearts from all over the world, and a large crowd danced to her moves. Her main performance featured dancing to O Saki Saki and Light the Sky, the songs from this year’s FIFA World Cup.

She was heard saying, “Jai Hind!!” as she held and waved the Indian tricolor flag on the stage at the conclusion of her performance.Zor se, Zor Se Jai hind!”

“India is not participating in the FIFA World Cup, but in spirit, we are now. Through our dance and our music,” she continued.

Fatehi wrote, “That moment when u hear ur voice at the world cup stadium @fifaworldcup (face holding back tears and smiling face with red heart eyes emojis), this was so surreal!” when he shared a video from the event on social media.

This kind of milestone is what makes the journey so worthwhile (emoji with hand folded, face holding back tears, red heart). I’ve always pictured occasions like this, and I’m just a dreamer who longs to see those dreams come true! From being a typical hoodie girl to this!

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