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Qatar could banned alcohol at stadiums, according to the organisers

After making the unexpected decision to allow the sale of beer at all eight stadiums, the Qatar World Cup organisers are apparently now seeking FIFA to forbid the sale of the alcoholic beverage. Check out the complete details about it below.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar will not sell alcohol at stadiums, according to the organisers

The Budweiser beer outlets at the eight World Cup stadiums are being relocated to less noticeable locations, according to Qatari officials on Monday.

According to a story in the Guardian, conversations between Fifa and Budweiser are currently taking place as the world cup hosts want to go even farther. A decision is anticipated on Friday, although it’s possible that all stadiums may outlaw beer.

When Qatar announced its historic hosting candidacy in 2009, it agreed to preserve FIFA’s business relationships, including the storied Budweiser contract that was extended 11 years ago with brewer AB InBev through the 2022 competition.

The deal was modified on Saturday, only eight days before the opening games, to offer Budweiser-branded sales tents less visibility for consuming alcoholic beverages inside stadium boundaries.

Champagne, wines, and spirits will be provided at stadium restaurants and lounges for corporate hospitality clients, according to the alcohol policy. Beer will also be available. A variety of alcoholic beverages are available for purchase for tournament attendees staying in the majority of upscale hotels as well as three cruise ships that the organisers contracted to serve as floating hotels.

Public intoxication is typically punished in Qatar with severe fines and prison time. However, the head of Qatar’s security operations has stated that while most violations will go unpunished during the tournament, police may make an arrest if someone engages in a drunken altercation or damages public property. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21, and bar bouncers frequently demand picture ID or passports to enter.

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