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In Randers, Lyngby BK and Randers FC will soon face off; a match that is certain to attract fans from both camps. When Jens Maae blows the opening whistle at 1:00 p.m. UTC, the game will be streamed live to up to 10,300 viewers.

In the past, these teams have competed against one another. On 04.09.2022, less than a year ago, they played for the win at the Lyngbyhallen in Lyngby. During the most recent match, Randers FC prevailed. They defeated Lyngby BK, who scored 0 goals, with two of their own. As a result, Lyngby BK supporters have high expectations for the team. It is anticipated that Randers FC will prevail in the upcoming match against Lyngby BK due to its previous two victories out of three. Randers FC scored six goals in their last three games against Lyngby BK, while Lyngby BK only scored two.

Fre. Randers, Currently sitting in sixth place in the league, their lead is certain to remain; especially considering that they rank six league positions higher than Lyngby.

Randers vs Lyngby Team News :         

After playing Odense BK to a 0-0 Superliga draw, Randers enter this match.

Randers had 46% possession and 11 shots on goal, two of which were successful. Odense BK had 8 shots on goal at the other end, 4 of which were successful.

In recent times, Randers have not been attacking well. In their previous six games, they have scored just two goals against opponents, which is their “goals for” total. Additionally, Randers have had 12 goals scored against them in those games. Naturally, it is not guaranteed that this pattern will continue throughout the match.

The Randers have not won at home in four league matches prior to this one. They don’t like their fans.

In the Superliga matchup with FC Nordsjlland, Lyngby BK and FC Nordsjlland drew 1-1.

Lyngby BK had 45 percent possession and 12 attempts at goal, three of which were successful. Alfre Finnbogason scored the only goal for Lyngby BK (92′). There were 17 attempts on goal by FC Nordsjlland, but only three were successful. FC Nordsjlland’s goal came from Walid Faghir (59′).

Looking at their recent performance, Lyngby BK has conceded 10 goals in 5 of their last 6 games. Lyngby BK has not been very solid defensively.

Randers vs Lyngby Match Details :                                                         

  • Randers FC – Lyngby
  • Superliga Denmark
  • Date – 26/02/2023
  • Starting time – 13:00 UTC
  • Venue: Cepheus Park Randers, Randers, Denmark

Randers vs Lyngby Prediction :

We believe that Lyngby BK will score a goal against this Randers team, but it won’t be nearly as many as they have scored against them.

After 90 minutes, we anticipate both teams scoring to give Randers a 2-1 victory.

Randers vs Lyngby Head to Head :

When we look at their most recent head-to-head matches, which took place on May 21, 2018, we find that Lyngby BK has won two of these games, while Randers has won four, and there have been zero draws.

During those matches, they combined to score a total of 16 goals, with 10 going to Hestene and 6 going to De kongebl.

Lyngby BK defeated Randers 0-2 in their previous league encounter on Superliga match day 8 on September 4, 2022.

Lyngby BK had 42% possession and 18 shots, seven of which were successful.

Randers vs Lyngby Betting Tips :

• Randers FC came out on top in their most recent meeting.

• Lyngby BK wins the first half in 26% of their games, while Randers FC wins it in 20% of their games.

• In meetings between Randers FC and Lyngby BK, the average number of goals scored in the first half is 0.6.

• Randers FC won their most recent match by two goals.

• In meetings between Lyngby BK and Randers FC, the average number of goals scored is 2.6.

• This season’s away record for Lyngby BK: 1-2-6.

• Lyngby BK wins 60% of its games when it leads 0-1 away.

• Lyngby BK loses all of their away games when they are down 1-0.

Randers vs Lyngby Lineups :                                                

Randers FC :
• Goalkeeper: Patrik Carlgren
• Defenders: Adam Andersson, Carl Johansson, Mikkel Kallesoe, Daniel Hoegh
• Midfield: Filip Bundgaard Kristensen, Mads Enggaard, Lasse Berg Johnsen, Tobias Klysner, Simen Bolkan Nordli
• Forward line: Marvin Egho

Lyngby :
• Goalkeeper: Mads Kikkenborg
• Defenders: Lucas Hey, Pascal Gregor, Brian Hamalainen
• Midfielders: Tochi Phil Chukwuani, Marcel Rømer, Tobias Storm, Rezan Corlu
• Forward line: Magnus Kaastrup Larsen, Frederik Gytkjaer, Saevar Atli Magnusson

Randers vs Lyngby Where To Watch :

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