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Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League history

It is a given that Spanish footballers have a unique quality that is unlike any other. The Premier League has had the privilege of featuring the best Spanish players throughout the years. Spanish football is generally renowned for its speedy passing, tiki-taka-style which is very easy on the eyes. Check Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League.

It’s hard to classify the greatest Spanish players as they all have had success rates throughout their stints in England. Some of them include Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have produced some outstanding Spanish players over time. Let’s attempt to identify those who are the five best Spanish footballers from Premier League history.

Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League history

5. Cesar Azpilicueta – Chelsea

Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League

The defender signed with Chelsea in 2012 after leaving Marseille in 2012, and the rest is the story. He has been consistent in his performances, and Azpilicueta has changed the definition of the modern-day defensive player. The 32-year-old has had a successful career in the last decade with Chelsea Football Club. After starting as an understudy fullback he progressed to the first team and then continued to enjoy tremendous successes.

Azpilicueta has taken home a lot of trophies for the London team. He has taken home 2 Premier League titles, one FA Cup, one EFL Cup. Two UEFA Europe League trophies, and one UEFA Champions League at Chelsea. A legend of the sport, Azpilicueta is approaching the end that he has played in. His coaching of young players such as Reece James and Andreas Christensen has contributed to the success of the club.

4. David de Gea – Manchester United

Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League

David de Gea is one of the top goalkeepers to have played in Premier League history. The Spaniard was signed by Manchester United from Atletico Madrid in the year 2011. He has been an integral part of the team since. After being selected as a young talent, De Gea has developed into one of the top goalkeepers.

De Gea has received plenty of criticism throughout his career. He’s a great shot-stopper, and his reflexes are superb. De Gea has won a Premier League title, an FA Cup, an EFL Cup. The UEFA Europe League during his time at the Manchester club. He is considered by many to be the most effective goalie of all time in England. He is often credited with helping to save United by his work in goal.

3. Juan Mata – Chelsea, Manchester United

Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League

The midfielder has enjoyed the privilege of playing for at least two Premier League clubs: Chelsea and Manchester United. Mata was recruited by Chelsea in the year 2011, and he stayed for three years before joining Manchester United. Mata is a superb player and is a master of tight space. His technique is of the highest standard. He’s adept at identifying teammates, while still being able to score goals by him.

Mata has had the fruits of his labor at both clubs. While at Chelsea the team, he was able to win the FA Cup, a UEFA Europe League, and an unforgettable UEFA Champions League. Mata has also won the FA Cup and a UEFA Europe League in the UEFA Europe League with Manchester United. As Mata enters the final stages of the course of his professional career it’s obvious that his impact on the sport is unquestionable. Mata remains an inspiration for many young fans from all over the world.

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2. Cesc Fabregas – Arsenal, Chelsea

Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League

When he began his career with Arsenal, Fabregas became one of Arsenal’s top players. He became the youngest player in history, the youngest goalscorer, and the youngest captain in the history of the club. Although he only won the FA Cup with the Gunners, Fabregas is credited with being the catalyst for Arsenal’s transformation. The Spanish midfielder made his mark to the top of the list even though Arsenal was in financial troubles and is known as a legend of the club.

Fabregas made the move to Barcelona before signing with Chelsea in the year 2014. He spent five years at Chelsea and had a great time. Fabregas has won the club two Premier League titles and one FA Cup during his stretch with the Blues and is most popular for his impressive group with his teammate Diego Costa. At 34, Fabregas plays his trade at Monaco at Ligue 1. His game style and his amazing ability to comprehend the game at this age have inspired many players and fans.

1.David Silva – Manchester City

Ranking the 5 greatest Spanish players in Premier League

David Silva is quite the greatest Spanish soccer player of Premier League history. The midfielder was signed by Manchester City in the year 2010 and is believed to be responsible for having been one of the main protagonists of the club’s transformation to an elite unit. Silva played a unique style of football and was a major factor in Manchester City’s success in the last decade.

Being selected for his potential as a midfielder Silva was later to become one of the top Manchester City players. Through his time with the Cityzens Silva played a major role in the club’s first Premier League title and then some. David Silva, alongside different players like Yaya Toure Sergio Aguero, and Kevin de Bruyne are carving their names in Manchester City’s old stories. In the 10 years he spent in Manchester, Silva won four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and five EFL Cups.