Ravi Shastri’s harsh comment about Rohit Sharma’s “overconfidence”

Despite the fact that he has maintained his poise, dignity, and composure over the past 18 months, Rohit Sharma sounded very firm when asked how their former head coach felt about the third Test.

Skipper Rohit Sharma referred to former coach Ravi Shastri as an “outsider” and called his assertion that the Indian team’s Indore defeat was caused by “overconfidence” “rubbish.” Shastri, who has led the Indian team for six of the last seven seasons, wouldn’t be surprised if he had played for another team previously.

“This is the very thing a little carelessness, a little pomposity can do where you underestimate things, you lower defenses, and this game will cut you down,” Shastri said on Star Sports in response to India’s nine-wicket loss to Australia on a position turner. He stated that smugness and arrogance can precisely accomplish this.

Over the past 18 months, Skipper Rohit has maintained his composure, poise, and dignity; But he sounded very firm when their previous head coach asked him how he felt about the third Test.

“Honestly, when you win two games and people on the outside feel that we are overconfident, it’s absolutely rubbish because you want to do your best in all four games,” Rohit said on the eve of the fourth and final Test.

“At the end, you don’t want to win twice.” All that remains is that. “Obviously, all of these guys, when they talk about being overconfident and all that, and especially when they are not part of the dressing room, they don’t know what kind of talk happens in the dressing room,” Rohit said, echoing Virat Kohli’s usual comment about people on the “outside.”

A person who had previously served as this team’s most vocal official cheerleader and tactical policymaker was the target of Rohit’s sharp response.

“We want to do the best in all games, and if it seems overconfident, or anything like that for outsiders, it doesn’t really matter to us,” Rohit said on Monday. Shastri’s knowledge of the system’s workings may have irritated Rohit, and his words may have been more sympathetic.

According to Rohit, “Since Ravi has been himself in this changing area and he understands what kind of outlook we have when we play.” Many claim that insecurity is to blame; However, the Indian skipper places a high value on brutality.

“The key is not to tell the truth but to act cold-blooded and lighthearted.” The word “ruthless” comes to mind when a cricketer travels abroad, indicating that they will not take the opposition into consideration.

He continued, “That is also the outlook we have.” “We have also discovered that when we visit outside, the resistance will never allow you to enter the game or series,” he continued. He continued, “That is also our viewpoint.” “That is also our viewpoint,” he went on to say.

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