Redfall Dev Has Uplifting news for Fans That Want Crossplay

Bethesda has uplifting news for fans regarding crossplay for the upcoming vampire center shooter, Redfall, created by Arkane Studios.

Bethesda has uplifting news for fans that want crossplay for the upcoming open-world center shooter, Redfall. The studio as of late held an “Ask Arkane Q&A” on Discord where players could ask questions about Redfall ahead of the May 2 release. The question and answer were hung on the Arkane Discord server following the announcement of Redfall’s release date. With the title being something of a departure from Arkane’s typical single-player just immersive sim titles such as Dishonored and Prey, fans have a ton of questions.

One such question was regarding the night cycle, asking how it will affect gameplay, considering that the enemies will be vampires. Arkane affirmed that players will face various enemies during the day and still have the option to make progress. One central issue that many fans want the answer to regards crossplay. The answer to whether or not Redfall game will support crossplay was also shared on the official Twitter page of the game.

The question and answer were posted in a clear and strong image, with the added text “Crossplay affirmed between Xbox + computer Game Pass + Steam + Legendary Game Store.” Players will actually want to relax knowing that they can join their friends online regardless of where they are playing the Redfall game. In any case, some players are still not happy about the always online requirements of Redfall, considering that it very well may be played in single-player mode.

Twitter users seem to be split equally, with some saying that the crossplay features are a “massive win” for vampire fans, celebrating that the crossplay extends across Steam and Epic, while other users say that the always online features make it impossible for them to purchase, citing that they have surrendered other titles because of being always online. Other titles such as the Hitman Universe of Assassination set of three have faced similar initial backlash for pushing online requirements for a single-player experience. Hitman has had the option to regain a ton of completely honest intentions throughout the years with many praising the gameplay, general game feel, and the newest Hitman Freelancer mode.

It is quite important that for the likes of Hitman, it required a couple of years and constant updates for the general opinion to get. It is also important to recollect that for many individuals, a stable internet association simply is not viable. Despite the fact that most contemporary media is moving toward online just features, such as streaming or distributed storage, many individuals simply cannot afford to stay online, or even get a stable internet association.

Gaming has always been an expensive leisure activity, yet with the move towards the always online experience – something that was considered ludicrous not very far in the past in the release of SimCity 2013 – as well as the continued rise in prices as seen in the game Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom cost climb, it seems as however, the side interest will continue to get increasingly expensive. For those who are online, it will be a help to realize that Redfall will allow them to play with friends regardless of which platform they are playing on.

Redfall game releases for PC and Xbox Series X/S on May 2, 2023.

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