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Return: Ben Stokes Leaves the Door Open for India’s ODI World Cup

Ben Stokes, a star all-rounder, has not ruled out the possibility of coming out of his retirement from ODIs for England’s title defense at the 50-over World Cup in India next year.

According to reports, Stokes had announced his retirement from ODIs in July, citing pressure on his workload. In July, the 31-year-old England Test captain said he would retire from ODIs because it was too much work for him.

Now, less than five months later, he says he might change his mind. Who can say for sure the way in which I could feel toward a World Cup at that point?

He was speaking ahead of the first Test against Pakistan, which started on Thursday at this location. Stokes played a key role in England’s victory in the 50-over World Cup final in 2019 as well as their November T20 championship victory in Australia.

India will host the 2023 50-over World Cup in October and November.
“It belongs in that category. To represent your country at a World Cup is an incredible experience,” he stated.

“However, at the moment, I’m not even considering that. Only this series (against Pakistan) occupies my attention. One of the players who missed Wednesday’s training due to an outbreak of a viral infection was Stokes.

Stirs up said he was drawn closer by the head of cricket Deny Key in the fallout of the T20 accomplishment about a return for the 50-over World Cup.

“He pulled me aside and when he said ’50-over World Cup’ I just left,” said Stirs up.
When Stokes announced his retirement from ODI cricket, he stated that it should serve as a warning to authorities regarding the expected number of multi-format cricket players.

In July, he stated, “There is too much cricket crammed in for people to play all three formats now.”
“We are not automobiles; you cannot simply fill us up and expect us to go out there and be prepared to be refueled.”After that, he denied that he would return to participate in the 50-over World Cup.

“It wouldn’t be fair on any individual who gets that open door with me not playing this organization now to out of nowhere be like, ‘No doubt, I’ll return,” he had said.

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