Roger Federer recalls the time he was turned away from Wimbledon

“I Am a Member, Please Believe Me”: Roger Federer recalls the time he was turned away from Wimbledon Roger Federer made the announcement earlier this year that he would be retiring from tennis. This year, the 20-time Grand Slam champion played his final match at the Laver Cup.

Roger Federer, widely regarded as the greatest tennis player ever, announced his retirement from the sport earlier this year. At the Laver Cup earlier this year, the 20-time Grand Slam champion played his final match, doubles match with longtime friend and rival Rafael Nadal.

During a recent appearance on a talk show, Federer shared a hilarious anecdote. During the show, the host inquired about Federer’s claim that he was refused entry to Wimbledon. Notably, Federer holds the record for most titles won by any player at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (ALTEC).

The Swiss aficionado revealed that he traveled to London to see a doctor following an event in Tokyo, Japan, and that he chose to go to the ALTEC because he had two hours before his return flight.
He went on to say that, despite multiple attempts, a security guard refused to let him in without a membership card.

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“You automatically become a member when you win Wimbledon. In this way, I’m like, “No, I don’t have my enrollment card yet I’m a part and I’m simply pondering where I can get in,” and she said, “No doubt, yet you must be a part.” Federer disclosed this during an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, “I’m just asking you again where can I get in.” She responded, “The other side, but you have to be a member.”

“So, I look at her one last time and I’m so sorry; I couldn’t believe what I said and still can’t believe what I feel about it. I’d take a gander at her and say, “I have won this competition multiple times. I am a member, so please believe me!” Added he.

Federer went on to say that he had to drive to a different gate. There, he was recognized by a security guard, who took a picture with him and set up a meeting with the ALTEC chairman.

“When I said I had won Wimbledon eight times, I wasn’t sure if it was eight anymore for a split second because I thought, “Was it seven or eight?” “I’m not sure.” However, I said it because I never speak in this way.

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