Roman reigns won’t be cheerful over what occurred with The Bloodline after WWE Crude went off air

After tonight’s RAW ended, Roman Reigns might not have been pleased with what happened to The Bloodline. Kevin Owens faced Solo Sikoa in a Street Fight in the main event of WWE RAW. When Owens was attacked by The Usos, the match came to an end, and Sikoa won big with a Samoan Spike.

However, Roman Reigns, the leader of The Bloodline, would not be pleased with the subsequent events. Sikoa set up a table in the ring as the Samoan faction prepared to confront Owens after the show had ended. Owens took advantage of the opportunity in a sneaky way, putting The Enforcer through the table, and then quickly left for the backstage area. The Bloodline’s night came to an embarrassing end despite Sikoa’s victory.

Roman Reigns is expected to appear on RAW the following week.

The Tribal Chief does not appear on the RAW brand often and was not on the show tonight. However, he will be in attendance at RAW the following week. It would appear that Reigns and his opponent at WrestleMania 39, Cody Rhodes, will meet on the show just a few days before their big match at ‘Mania.

Rhodes will face Roman Reigns in a huge main event for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39. Rhodes won the 2023 Men’s Royal Rumble Match earlier this year, giving him the chance to wrestle Reigns.

Before WrestleMania, it appears that Owens will finally see Sami Zayn, his former best friend. The pair will apparently take in The Usos in label group activity at The Demonstration of Shows. Owens has dismissed Zayn’s proposal for a union in the new past, however the last option has been tireless.

How The Master Strategist will persuade Owens to work with him to destroy The Bloodline remains to be seen.

Hasbulla claims to be the current People’s Champion; The Rock responds.

Hasbulla Magomedov, a well-known figure on social media, sent The Rock an intriguing message. The Rock has responded.

Hasbulla is a well-known person on the internet with millions of followers on a number of popular social media platforms. On his official Twitter handle, he boasts having more than 300,000 followers.

Hasbulla as of late shared an image where he should be visible presenting with Sneak Homey’s custom brilliant WWE Title. He claimed he is “The People’s Champ now” and tagged WWE legend The Rock in his tweet. The WWE veteran himself responded to the tweet, expressing admiration for Hasbulla.

What were the reactions of fans to The Rock’s reply to Hasbulla?

This kind exchange caused a storm on Twitter. The former WWE Champion received the following hilarious responses to his tweet:

Khabib Nurmagomedov, a Russian mixed martial artist, made a comment about Hasbulla toward the end of 2021 that got the wrestling world’s attention. Red Corner MMA was informed by Khabib that WWE is aware of Hasbulla’s popularity:

Hasbulla and I discuss everything with each other. HB must travel to the United States. He is very popular in the United States. is very popular with all of the major celebrities, stars, and sports promotions, including the WWE, NBA, hockey, American football, and UFC.

He is known by all. HB must move to the United States for a few years in order to possibly become a billionaire. Certainly, a millionaire. He must obtain a visa and travel to the United States,” he stated. [H/T Fightful] Around the same time, Khabib made the comment that WWE seemed to be interested in Hasbulla and wanted to pay a lot of money for a match with him. Khabib went on to say that Hasbulla was extremely well-liked abroad.

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