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Roxanne Perez set for NXT Women’s Title Match with Mandy Rose

Roxanne Perez set for NXT Women’s Title Match with Mandy Rose. After winning the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles with her partner Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez is feeling on top of the world right now. 

Roxanne Perez intends to capitalise on her recent victories and put an end to the reign of Toxic Attraction by utilising the contract she won in the Women’s Breakout Tournament to challenge Mandy Rose for the NXT Women’s Title.

After competing in a challenging tournament, in which she defeated Kiana James, Lash Legend, and Tiffany Stratton to become the very first Women’s Breakout Tournament Champion, the rising star won the opportunity to compete against Rose.

According to Rose, Perez made the most major mistake of her entire life when she challenged her for the title, which Rose had held for more than 250 days at the time. Rose had held the title for more than 250 days.

Is it within Perez’s power to put a stop to Toxic Attraction’s reign of terror and provide her with even more gold to adorn the belt that she wears around her waist? Find out the solution on NXT 2.0 this coming Tuesday night at 8/7 central time in the USA!

Apollo Crews examines to stride past Giovanni Vinci

Because everyone was taken aback when Apollo Crews returned to NXT a little over a month ago, this has ignited a whole new level of excitement not only for Apollo Crews but also for his family. Apollo Crews has been able to share this joy with them.

Crews stated that he was ready for all of the new challenges and opponents that NXT 2.0 had to offer, but when listing the Superstars he was excited to battle, Crews left out one name: Giovanni Vinci. Crews also stated that he was prepared for all of the new challenges and opponents that NXT 2.0 had to offer. Crews declared that he was prepared for all of the new challenges and opponents that NXT 2.0 has to offer as a result of the new mindset he had recently adopted.

The self-described “world-class athlete” expressed his fury at being passed up and stated that the only reason he was overlooked was that he is the only Superstar who can match Crews stride for stride and outperform him. This statement was made in response to the fact that he was passed over. He took offense at not being paid attention to and took problems with not being paid attention to.

Is it possible for Vinci to put his talk into action against the man who has held the titles of Intercontinental Champion and the United States Champion in the past? Find out the solution on NXT 2.0 this upcoming Tuesday night at 8/7C in the USA!

Solo Sikoa is glad to go toe-to-toe with Von Wagner

The inhabitants of the NXT Cosmos are dissatisfied with their environment, despite the fact that Von Wagner asserts that the NXT Cosmos is his universe. And Wagner’s manager, Mr. Stone, claims that his client has not been shown the respect that he ought to have been given the nature of the circumstance in which he finds himself. This is according to the management of Wagner. Mr. Stone makes this accusation on behalf of his client because he believes it to be in their best interest.

On the other side, Solo Sikoa is powerless to do anything other than listen to the criticisms that are coming from the towering Superstar. He has no choice but to sit there and take it all in. This knowledge was revealed to Wagner by “The Street Champion of the Island” while he was confronting him backstage. This encounter nearly resulted in a confrontation between the two of them before NXT referees and officials intervened and broke up the fight.

The competitor who is eliminated from the competition as a result of losing the one-on-one fight between Sikoa and Wagner and the winner of that fight will be given the title of hard-hitting Superstar and will be crowned the winner of the tournament. Both of these competitors will be regarded as losers despite the fact that only one of them will emerge victorious from this contest. If you are in the United States and are interested in hearing the response, be sure to tune in to NXT 2.0 on the USA this coming Tuesday night at 8/7 Central time if you are in the country. If you are in the nation, you are in the United States.

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