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SA20 2023: SuperSport Park Centurion Capacity, Records, Weather Conditions, Pitch Report, Boundary Length, T20 Record, Location, Capacity Stadium

It is one of South Africa’s newest stadiums and Test cricket sites, and it has been dubbed “one of the world’s greatest grounds in terms of player amenities” by multiple International Captains. The grass embankments that make up the majority of the seating area are great for family fun. For further corporate watching enjoyment, Beach Cabana-style hospitality bungalows have been constructed on top of the grass banks.

Fort Cricket Venue is a cricket ground in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. SuperSport Park was named after the television firm SuperSport, who purchased an interest in the stadium. The stadium can hold 22,000 spectators. The Titans cricket team has played all of their home games at this stadium since 2004.


  • Full Name: SuperSport Park Cricket Stadium
  • Location: Centurion, South Africa
  • Operator: Supersport
  • Capacity: 22,000
  • Surface: (Bowling Pitch) Best For Bowlers
  • Floodlights: Yes
  • End names: West Lane End Hennops River End
  • Boundary Length (Dimension):
  • Also known as: Fort Cricket Ground | SuperSport Park  | Supersport Park Ground | Supersport Park Stadium

Record & Stats

T20 Stats

Total Match Played: 12
Batting First Won: 7
Batting Second Won: 5
Tie: 0
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 177
Highest Score: South Africa 241/6
Lowest Score: South Africa 100/10
Scoring Pattern
Below Score 150: 3
Score between 150 and 169: 2
Score between 170 and 189: 3
Above Score 190: 4

ODI Stats

Total Match Played: 54
Batting First Won: 23
Batting Second Won: 31
Tie: 0
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 248
Highest Score: South Africa 392/6
Lowest Score: South Africa 118/10
Scoring Pattern
Below Score 200: 11
Score between 200 and 249: 17
Score between 250 and 299: 11
Above Score 300: 15

T20 Domestic

Total Match Played: 42
Batting First Won: 14
Batting Second Won: 27
Tie: 1
Avg. Score in 1st bat: 155
Highest Score: Dolphins 231/2
Lowest Score: Titans 79/5
Scoring Pattern
Below Score 150: 22
Score between 150 and 169: 5
Score between 170 and 189: 11
Above Score 190: 4

Pitch Report

The SuperSport Park pitch often favours quick bowlers throughout the day. This location’s outfield is lightning fast, and they get tremendous return for their efforts. Because of how swiftly the outfield changes, fast bowlers will be eager to come here and bowl.

Weather report

Anyone who has been following this game has probably heard how the weather is going to ruin things tomorrow. To begin with, December 30 will be an overcast day in Centurion, with the possibility of rain and thunderstorms.

According to AccuWeather, the first session on Thursday has a 20% chance of rain. In the presence of thunderstorms, the rain likelihood will rise to as high as 51% in the post-lunch hour.

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