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“Seems to be Smaller than expected Rohit Sharma”: Ramiz Raja Pampers Commendation On India Hitter

Ramiz Raja, a former cricketer for Pakistan, has praised Shubman Gill, describing him as a miniature version of Rohit Sharma.

Ramiz Raja, a former cricketer for Pakistan, has reverted to being a pundit ever since he was fired from his position as chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Raja has been closely following the ODI series between India and New Zealand and has been impressed by how Shbman Gill, a young opening batter, has applied himself.

The former Pakistani cricketer gave Gill a lot of praise while also comparing him to India captain Rohit Sharma. In point of fact, Ramiz referred to Gill as a “mini Rohit.”

“Shubman Gill resembles a miniature Rohit Sharma. He has more time and is attractive. He has sufficient potential. With time, aggression will also develop. He doesn’t have to do anything different.

“Recently, he scored a double hundred,” Raja stated in a video posted to his YouTube channel.
Because they have a great batter like Rohit Sharma, India had an easy-hitting team.

He does an outstanding job. Because he is a phenomenal striker of hook-and-pull shots, a chase of 108 runs becomes simple,” he added

In addition, Raja emphasized a few technical facets of the Indian batting unit’s performance.
The top order of batsmen ought to take advantage of the fact that India’s front-foot batting appears to be poor.

Although it’s simple to strike from the back foot, there is some error after the ball is thrown up, according to Raja.

India’s bowling set the stage for their 8-wicket victory in the second ODI. Even Ramiz acknowledged that the team’s success in ODI and Test formats can be attributed to its bowling unit.

Raja claimed that despite India’s historically great batting, their recent success in ODI and Test cricket has been mostly due to their bowling.

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