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Should GTA Online players still buy the Super Diamond in December 2022

GTA Online is set to get another colder time of year update soon, and players can anticipate various new vehicles with it. Since its send off, the game has gotten numerous increments to its now noteworthy program of vehicles, including the fan-most loved Enus Super Precious stone.

With such countless vehicles currently accessible in the game, players might contemplate whether the four-entryway extravagance car merits getting in 2022. This article investigates all that players ought to be familiar with the Enus Super Precious stone to decide if it merits their cash in Terrific Robbery Auto On the web.

The Enus Super Precious stone is a four-seater extravagance vehicle in GTA On the web. It is basically founded on the genuine 2003-2017 Rolls-Royce Apparition and 1968-1991 Rolls-Royce Ghost VI.

In the Fantastic Burglary Auto 5 improved form, the Super Precious stone has a reestablished inside that sports an extravagance beige cowhide finish, very much like the one utilized in the Tailgater and the Schafter. It likewise accompanies different essential tones for the body as well as join on the inside. Also, the vehicle has six-talked composite edges with medium-profile tires.

The Super Precious stone’s motor sounds like the one in the Schwartzer, Prophet, Prophet XS, and Gatecrasher. It is coupled to a five-speed gearbox fueling the vehicle in a RWD design.

GTA Online players can buy the Super Precious stone from the Unbelievable Motorsport in-game site for $250,000.

The Enus Super Jewel is one of the most remarkable vehicles in GTA On the web. It flaunts high speed increase and a great maximum velocity of 111.75 mph (179.84 km/h) with a full exhibition redesign (as tried by Broughy1322).

The Super Jewel is one of the most mind-blowing straight-line vehicles in its group and could in fact contend with certain games vehicles in a race. It is a weighty vehicle because of its weight and long wheelbase. This makes it very solid, permitting players to endure a few shots without making the tires camber or fizzle.

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This large number of characteristics make the Enus Super Precious stone perhaps of the best car in Fabulous Robbery Auto Online in 2022.

Obviously the studio has been paying attention to its GTA Online playerbase. Every one of the progressions declared for the update are either personal satisfaction buffs or new augmentations that players will probably appreciate. While not all things have been divulged, there is still a lot of content to feature.

GTA Online has numerous pointless iFruit Contacts that players never use however are compelled to see each time they peruse their telephones. Looking past them huge number of times has cost them valuable time, yet that won’t be an issue in the Colder time of year DLC update and forward.


Rockstar Games has reported that players can now change which iFruit Contacts are shown and which ones are covered up by means of the Collaboration Menu. This implies one can conceal pointless ones like Dom and guarantee that important ones like Lester remain.

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