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Sifu Release Date for PC, PS4, Review, System Requirements, Gameplay all you need to know

The Sifu Trailer which was uploaded on November 18th, 2021 to YouTube by the developers has details about the Sifu gameplay. SloClap, Sifu’s developer, announced via a tweet on the official Twitter account on November 18, 2021. The game will be released two weeks before its previous release date. Check Sifu Release Date for PC, PS4.

The New Sifu launch date is February 8, 20,22. Developers have also shared information about the combat system in the game. The game features Kung Fu-style combat, as well as modern mechanics like balance gauges and powerful takedowns.

  Sifu Release Date for PC, PS4
Sifu Release Date for PC, PS4

Sifu Release Date for PC, PS4

Sifu is due to launch on February 8, PS5 for PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store on PC. It will be available for $40 on all platforms. But the Deluxe Edition can be purchased for $10 more. Pre-orders are available for PS+ subscribers, which can save $5 on the PS Store.

If you order now, the Deluxe Edition is available on Epic Games Store. Sifu will launch next month. We won’t hear anything about it coming soon to Xbox or Nintendo Switch. The product could also be available on other platforms in the future. But don’t be too excited.

Sifu Review

Sifu is being kept very close to the developers, but we have some interesting details. Our protagonist has a mysterious amulet that can revive them after death. But it will also drain their life. Every failure causes them more to age. While this is related to the mechanics and the core values of Pak Mei which inspired the game’s design, it is also important.

Another aspect of the game’s story revolves around our protagonist, who is motivated by vengeance. Their goal is to revenge the murderers of his family by using violence. Pierre Tarno the executive producer claims that this isn’t just a tale of revenge. It’s interesting to imagine the possibilities for this story.

Sifu’s System requirements

• Windows 7 and higher operating system

• Processor: Core Intel i5-7300U, 3.5GHz

• RAM: 8GB

• Graphics processors: Nvidia GeForce HDX 660 or AMD Radeon HD7870 or the equal DX11 GPU

• Audio: English

The game will debut on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. Although the Epic Games store has the least requirements listed for Sifu, they are not required. The recommended requirements will be released as soon as possible. India: The Sifu Standard Edition retails at Rs. 939 and Rs. 1,061. Stay tuned for more gaming news.

Sifu gameplay

The Sifu Trailer was uploaded by the developers on November 18, 2021, and can be viewed on YouTube. SloClap has stated on the official PlayStation blog that they wanted gameplay that was in line with Kung Fu principles of self-improvement as well as training.

A new Structure System has been created by the developers that replicate Kung Fu style combat. Player’s impact and break an opponent’s stance. Also, blocking enemies’ attacks will boost the player’s balanced gauge. Additionally, players can make the most of their environment by interfacing with many objects.