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“Situation compelled me…”: Trinity Fatu, an ex-WWE star, explains why she quit the company and joined Impact

Trinity Fatu made her last WWE appearance in May 2022, and she joined Impact.
The reasons why Trinity Fatu, whose former stage name was Naomi, left WWE last year have been made public.

After making her last WWE appearance in May 2022, she later joined Impact. Trinity discussed her decision to join Impact on Sirius XM’s Busted Open with Dave LaGreca, Mickie James, and Tommy Dreamer. She then said that her departure from WWE was actually a blessing in disguise.

“I chose Impact and wanted to be there. The entryways are open for me all over the place, in a real sense all over the place.

Yet I genuinely feel like Effect is the most ideal decision for me as of now in my life right now with what I maintain that should do and to simply have the option to work with the ability there I feel that is where I’ll be most joyful.

Generally used, and truly get to fill in the ways that I feel that I really want to right now on this wrestling venture,” said Trinity

“Had this stuff never occurred, it’s absolutely impossible that I would have taken that jump yet the circumstance sort of constrained me to sort it out.”

That’s what I meant when I said everything was a blessing in disguise because I was really going through a lot and just felt very stagnant and unhappy,” she went on to say.

The circumstances surrounding her forced departure from WWE were clarified by Trinity. She stressed that the tattle and cynicism in WWE adversely affected her.

She also acknowledged that she was approached inappropriately on the day of her departure.
Because of how I was treated and talked to, I left that day.

Everything kind of broke me that day. Nobody else had anything to do with it. That was all there was. “I had to,” stated Trinity.

It broke my heart to go through the backlash, the negativity, the rumors, the lies, and the rumors, and to feel kind of lost afterward. It appears to have been my lowest point in life.

Yet, going through that constrained me to begin once again, defy it head-on. Sort out some way to gain from, develop from, and basically get me again in all things.

“I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity to demonstrate that you have not yet seen me at my best,” she went on to say. I’m overjoyed right now.”

Trinity was a SmackDown Ladies’ Boss twice, an FCW Ladies’ Boss once. A WWE Ladies’ Label Group champion once with Sasha Banks during her time in WWE.

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