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Six referees will make history at the World Cup in Qatar.

Six female referees will appear for the first time in history at the FIFA Men’s World Cup, which starts in Qatar in two days.

Catherine Nesbitt is an analytical chemist in her previous post, but is one of six elected judges in Qatar. Japan’s Yoshimi Yamashita, France’s Stephanie Frappart. And Rwanda’s Salima Muksanga are the three main female referees for the event, with Nesbitt. Mexico’s Karen Diaz Medina and Brazil’s Neiza Back serving as assistant referees.

All six female umpires must pass the same fitness tests as the male umpires and meet the same performance standards as the male umpires.

Doha: Pride and self-actualization do not discriminate between men and women. Those who have will and energy will achieve their goals. With these words, women referees in the world of football celebrated the development. And entered a new chapter of success by participating in the World Cup in Qatar.

Qatar selection for women referee

Accordingly, After almost 90 years of waiting. FIFA has been awarded the right to officiate a Women’s World Cup match for the first time in history. After selecting three referees to assist in the refereeing process. Qatar World Cup. In the list of 36 referees selected by the International Football Federation (FIFA), three people participated as assistant referees. Stephanie Frapar from France, Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda and Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan.

In addition to the assistant referees, three field umpires were selected, who proved their skills in the men’s game: Brazilian Noiza Pac, Mexican Karen Diaz Medina and American Kathryn Nesbitt. 3 arena leaders

The three women — Stéphanie Frappart of France, Salima Mukansanga of Rwanda and Yoshimi Yamashita of Japan — agree that they no longer want their gender to be the focus of discussion and attention, and that elections are no longer based on gender, but on merit . .

However, Qatar’s selection of the trio for the World Cup comes as no surprise as each has a history of success on the greens. Stephanie Frapart

Furthermore, Most notable of the 38-year-old Frenchwoman Stephanie Frappard, the World Cup in Qatar is a logical continuation of her rapid rise to the French Division II (2014) Men’s First Division (2019). ). The European Super Cup (August 2019), the Champions League (December 2020) and the final of the French Cup (May 2022). All this made him a world representative in French and European arbitration.

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