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Snooker Players Ranking 2022

World Snooker championship is a popular and professional snooker tournament that rolls out on national and international levels. The game is getting recognition where the tournaments roll out. Check Snooker Players Ranking 2022.

Snooker is a very popular game where the players play it in the Ranking event format and under the organization of the World Snooker Association.

The matches for the league roll out at Sheffield, England, in 1927. Check out more details about the Snooker Players Rankings in 2022 and other information here on this page.

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie is a popular and professional snooker player who has world recognition. The player is ranked number one in the game where he is popular with the nickname The Rocket.

Ronnie is from England where the player has the highest recognition of the time. There is a total of 15 maximum breaks for the player and the century break is 1,154.

O’Sullivan has a total of 38 ranking wins with 3 minor-ranking wins. The total non-ranking wins for the player are 34 where he has also been the world champion for 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2013, and 2020.

Mark Selby

Mark is an English snooker player who is ranked in position two on the points table. The player is known by the nickname The Jester from Leicester.

The highest-ranking for the player is number 01 with the current ranking as 02. The maximum breaks for the player are 03 with the century breaks as 718.

He has four world titles and UK Championship twice. The world Champion won by him are 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2021.

Neil Robertson

Neil is an Australian professional snooker player and a former world champion. He is one of the highest rank players in the game.

The player has a total of 23 rankings with the minor ranking as 04. The total number of maximum breaks in the game is 04 with the century breaks as 841.

He has been the World Champion since 2010.

Judd Trump

Judd is an English professional snooker player from England. He is popular with the name Mr. Haircut 100, The Ace in the Pack, and Juggernaut.

The currently ranks sixth in the all-time ranking event winners list. He is the owner of 23 titles and the minor rankings for the player are 04.

The non-rankings for the player are 07 whereas the World champion is in 2019.

Kyren Wilson

 Kyren Wilson is also an English player who is popular with the name The Warrior. The player is from England where he is a popular and professional player.

The current rankings for the player are 05 with the maximum breaks as 03.

There is a metal record for the player where he is a winner of the gold medal at the 2017 Wroclaw World Games.

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