Spot-Fixing Allegations, Bangladesh Player In Question Shake Up Women’s T20 World Cup: Report

According to the report, a player in Bangladesh allegedly attempted to persuade another player who is participating in the Women’s T20 World Cup to participate in spot-fixing.

During the Women’s T20 World Cup in South Africa, a Bangladesh player was reportedly approached about spot-fixing.

In accordance with the anti-corruption code of conduct, the player has informed the authorities, as reported in ESPNcricinfo.

According to the publication, Dhaka-based Jamuna TV released an audio conversation that allegedly took place between two Bangladesh players.

One of the players is with the team in South Africa for the mega-event. While the other is in Bangladesh and allegedly serves as a communication channel for the player.

According to the report, the player in Bangladesh could be heard trying to get the player in the T20 World Cup team to participate in spot-fixing. The latter is said to have rejected the offer and informed ICC’s ACU of it later.

The Bangladesh Cricket Board’s chief executive, Nizamuddin Chowdhury. Stated that the board could not begin an investigation based on a news report. In response to the audio conversation that was allegedly about spot-fixing.

However, he stated that Bangladesh’s players are well aware of what to do in response to such approaches.

“The ICC’s anti-corruption unit is in charge of these issues. Our players know what to do and what not to do. They are aware that they must notify the ICC ACU. In accordance with the protocol of the event if there has been an approach.

The BCB has no authority to investigate this. We cannot respond to a news report or discuss it. “It is extremely delicate in nature,” BCB CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury stated to ESPNcricinfo.

The Bangladesh women’s cricket team has been placed in Group A with Australia. Sri Lanka, South Africa, and New Zealand for the T20 World Cup.

After losing their first match of the tournament to Sri Lanka by seven wickets. Bangladesh lost their next match to Australia by eight wickets.

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