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Stephen Curry responds to Mike James by calling him “one-dimensional.”

An all-time favourite, former NBA player who played alongside Kevin Durant, had no kind words to say about Golden State Warriors superstar shooting guard Stephen Curry. In an appearance on the Players Choice podcast, James failed to place Curry on his list of the top five current active players.

“Steph, how he plays and how he gets stuff out, it’s kind of one-dimensional sometimes,” James said.  “He’s not the primary ball handler, and for a point guard, that bothers me.”

On the contrary, the quote from EuroLeague star Mike James, saying that Steph Curry is ‘one-dimensional,’ has sometimes made its way to the Warriors superstar. While Curry responded with a smile, “Everything’s bad for him, even as one-dimensional as me [laughs].”  “Although I am small, too young. I am too young to go. Although I like it very much, I am sorry.”

What is the fans’ reaction to Stephen Curry, the “One-dimensional”?

Although some fans agreed with Jaime’s “one-dimensional” comments, others disagreed. One fan tweeted, “he’s right, tell me what Steph does do at elite besides shoot 3.”

Meanwhile, one user responded: “His ball handling ability, finishing ability, quickness, his movement off the ball (!!!). Steph is one of the best PGs ever. You don’t get to that level for being one-dimensional”.

“James [is] not necessarily wrong. Usually, you want to have a bigger, more physically impressive team, and Steph was in the right position with the coaches and staff to achieve what he has,” said another. And others don’t consider James relevant enough to have an opinion.

“Steph Curry’s opinion of Mike James is no more relevant to me than [Donald] Trump’s opinion of Barack Obama. I don’t understand why his opinion is newsworthy,” said one sceptical fan.

Another fan tweeted: “Shit I have League Pass and watch over 300 games a season and have literally never heard of this guy.”

However, James last played in the NBA for the Nets 2020-2021, mostly as a backup. In his four-season NBA career, he averaged a .370 field goal percentage with 8.9 points per game. As for Curry, he finished eighth in the MVP voting in his final season, averaging 25.5 points per game. However, he won the NBA Finals MVP award after adding another ring to his collection during the postseason. The 34-year-old has won MVP twice in his career and is considered by many to be the greatest 3-point shooter of all time.

What do we know about your favourite star?

Stephen Curry is one of the best basketball players in the world. He is a two-time NBA MVP and has led the Golden State Warriors to three NBA Championships. An eight-time NBA All-Star and eight-time All-NBA selection, Curry is the Warriors’ franchise leader in points, three-pointers made, assists, and free throws made. He knows as the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Ground News - NBA Journeyman Mike James Had The Worst Steph Curry Take Of  All-Time, Calling Him A "One Dimensional" Player
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Curry was born in Akron, Ohio, while his father was a member of the Atlanta Hawks. He grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he attended Charlotte Christian School and played college basketball for Davidson College. Curry set the NCAA Division I record for three-pointers made in a season and was named the consensus National Player of the Year in 2009. After being selected by the Warriors with the seventh overall pick in the 2009 NBA draft, Curry had a breakout season in 2010–11, leading the league in three-point shooting and setting an NBA record for most three-pointers made in a season.

In 2016, Curry signed the most lucrative contract in NBA history, worth $201 million over five years. Also, he has also established himself as one of the league’s most valuable players and is currently ranked as the seventh-highest paid player in the NBA. We hope you enjoyed this blog post if you have any queries about the context, just share them with us.

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