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Steve Smith has stated that he still has “no plans” for retirement despite stating that he is unsure whether he will play another Test match in Australia

His “cryptic” warning, on the other hand, will keep Aussies sweating

The great Aussie passed Don Bradman with his 30th Test century on Thursday at the SCG, when he and Usman Khawaja defeated pathetic South Africa.

Despite the fact that he and his teammates will be together for the Ashes beginning in June and the tour of India beginning next month.

Smith stated on Thursday that he is not planning anything further than that.

After praising Khawaja’s potential longevity, Smith, 33, was asked if he would be in Australia for future cricketing summers.

“I’m uncertain. “Let’s see,” Smith said.

I am enjoying it at the moment. I really don’t know how long I’ll be playing. I’m not sure.

Take each tour individually. Simply enjoy it, in addition to training and attempting to improve.

While I’m doing that, I’m enjoying playing. However, I am unsure of its duration.

Media outlets speculated that Smith might retire earlier than anticipated as a result of these remarks.

However, when Smith was questioned once more on Fox Cricket on Friday morning, he stated that he does not intend to retire and that he remains motivated.

“I’m always very cryptic with that (retirement) stuff,” he declared.

However, I will not leave; I’m happy with where things are, we have a few good tours coming up, I’m excited, and I’m still improving.

The pitcher stated,

“While I still have that hunger and eagerness to try to improve, especially to help some of the batters coming through… while I’m doing all that, I’m enjoying myself and I have no plans for retirement.”

He added, “While I still have that hunger and eagerness to try to improve.”

Smith has previously mentioned that he might quit the sport earlier than most people would think.

In November, he informed The Daily Telegraph, “No, I don’t have a plan, but I’m 33 now.”

For the past thirteen years, I have competed for international cricket teams.

It’s been some time. I’m still enjoying it, but I’m certain that I’m getting closer to the end than I was at the beginning.

In addition, he briefly considered quitting following elbow surgery in 2019.

With 8647 runs from 92 Test matches, Smith surpassed Michael Clarke to move into fourth place on Australia’s all-time run-scoring list.

There are some pretty big names there, so that’s pretty cool.” “I don’t think about that stuff a great deal.” “I don’t think much about that,” he continued.

“I don’t play for that kind of thing, but looking up and seeing my name among those great players was cool. Additionally, I rank fourth among run scorers. It was truly original.

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