Survivor Series 2022: WWE 5 Things That Must Take Place Is Roman Reigns’ appearance?

WarGames 2022: Survivor Series of WWETen Things That Must Take Place Is Roman Reigns’ appearance at WWE Survivor Series the beginning of the end?

Several things must occur on Saturday: Rhea Ripley must maintain her badass image, The Bloodline must exhibit flaws, WWE must hold a pay-per-view without title changes, and the company must schedule a significant return on the women’s side to support Rhea’s aforementioned push.
There is also Bray Wyatt.

Even though the creepy comeback sensation isn’t scheduled to fight on the card, that doesn’t mean he won’t leave his mark, make LA Knight’s life miserable, and give other stars a leg up.

Here’s the beginning and end WWE ought to do on Saturday night.

5. WWE Adds One Traditional Match

Wait, wait, wait. Didn’t he laud Triple H for departing from traditional Survivor Series concepts? Kind of. See, this pay-per-view’s best-known tradition wasn’t really the boring “brand warfare” nonsense, the initial 4v4 or 5v5 elimination matches from the 1980s and early 1990s established a firm favorite.
Since then, WWE has had a love-hate relationship with them.

The problem is this: If “The Game” decided to book just one show this weekend, it wouldn’t be bad. In a 15- to a 20-minute elimination match, mid-carders like Madcap Moss, LA Knight, and others could actually set the tone for the rest of the night

4. The debut of “Wyatt 6” Then, Bray Wyatt might wreak havoc.

There has been a lot of talk about Bray starting his own group with the name “Wyatt 6.”Bo Dallas and Liv Morgan, among others, have been scheduled to return or join. It is unknown who exactly would be in that. Could that occur during Survivor Series?

Since Wyatt and LA Knight have been having some issues recently, it would make sense for him to spoil a pay-per-view payoff for the man who won’t stop slapping him. Additionally, Bray’s crew would be preparing for their upcoming wrath on Raw and SmackDown by brutally assaulting a number of workers.

3. Shotzi fires up

WWE Has a Hard Time Finding Competitors for Ronda Rousey When She Holds a Belt, Doesn’t She? Opponents like Natalya, Shotzi, and Ruby Riottt all fall under the same category because they have served as Rousey’s filler challengers over the years. There is nothing more or less.

The only thing Shotzi can do is turn into a screaming demon who loses it.

If Shotzi takes a beating from Ronda but refuses to stay down, Boston fans will support her. See, no one accepts the SmackDown Ladies’ Title is changing hands here, so the most un-innovative can do is attempt to get…creative with the match format so it isn’t only five minutes of this way and that before Rousey armbars her.

2. Ronda Rousey’s result will remain

However, the end result will remain the same for Ronda Rousey. Or on the other hand, it ought to be something similar, on the grounds that there’s a compelling reason need to take that SmackDown Ladies’ Title from Ronda before WrestleMania.

WWE has some time to kill before that supershow, so someone like the returning Sasha Banks or Charlotte Flair seems like a good bet to meet Rousey.

Naturally, one option is to remove the belt from her, give Shotzi a shot as a champion for a few months, and let Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler compete for the Women’s Tag straps. That’s just fantasy booking, because Ronda is making Shotzi tap out at Survivor Series, and that’s all there is to it.

1. Seth Rollins Survives Say hello to the “last-minute” add-on for this PPV.

At first, Mustafa Ali’s entrance was a “must” to make it a four-way match, but his recent booking suggests that WWE will have him clean some TD Garden toilets (or something). Put it this way: Mr. Ali’s life is not going well.

No, the more probable result is that Seth Rollins barely makes due regardless of rampaging stalwart Bobby Lashley attempting to muscle that US belt away. Drunken ex-Mr.Rollins will ultimately prevail over MITB straggler Austin Theory, who will be a constant nuisance to big Bob.

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