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Team India’s Umesh Yadav is going to reply to Shaheen Afridi in County Cricket

Team India’s best and most experienced player Umesh Yadav is part of the County Cricket by replacing a player from Pakistan Shaheen Afridi.

If we talk about cricket and we include two rival teams like India and Pakistan then their fan base has different craziness.

Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Afridi is now ready for joining his national team for the tour of Sri Lanka.

This is the reason why Umesh Yadav will replace him in Middlesex.

Umesh Yadav is now part of Middlesex in the upcoming tournament

Umesh is not the first Indian player to play before them many players like Cheteshwar Pujara, and Sundar Washington also become part of County Cricket.

After becoming part of the Middlesex not only this young player but also the head of this team are also happy.

Yadav will be part of the team for the current season’s County Championship as well as the Royal London Cup campaign he is really a role model for bowlers of this team.

Alex Coleman, head of Middlesex, said:

Umesh is very experienced and has proved himself many times at the international level. He could make a big difference for the team’s championship campaign and our chances in the Royal London Cup.

If we talk about the Cricket Stats of Umesh Yadav He is right Arm a Fast bowler who takes 273 wickets in International Cricket.

In the T20 format, he plays 7 matches and takes 9 wickets.

Shaheen Afridi is now getting ready for Sri Lanka Tour

Afridi has returned home to join his national team for the tour of Sri Lanka, following which the county club chooses Umesha Yadav.

In a statement which is given by Middlesex Club,

He will represent the team in the 2022 season. Middlesex Cricket is happy to announce that player of team India International fast bowler Umesh Kumar Yadav has signed a contract with the club.

If we talk about the carrier of Umesh Yadav in the Indian team then his total play in ODI matches is 75 where he takes 106 wkts.

In IPL he plays 133 matches and takes 135 wickets, so this is really a good chance for Umesh to show their talent in a different team.

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