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Tennis Bundesliga

Tennis Bundesliga

Tennis Bundesliga , also known simply as the 1. Bundesliga is the highest level of competition in the tennis league system in Germany. 1972 was the year it was established.

Tennis Bundesliga, also known simply as the 1. Bundesliga is the highest level of competition in the tennis league system in Germany.
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Ten clubs compete for spots in the league, which uses a promotion-and-relegation format similar to that of the 2. Bundesliga (formed in 2001). The months of July and August are often reserved for the playing of Seasons.

Every team competes in nine matches, with each of the other eight teams once. Each team competes against the other in a total of eight matches: four singles match and then two doubles matches.

The business organization known as Tennis-Point is the league’s sponsor, and in 2009 they purchased the naming rights for the tournament. As a result, the official name of the league is now the Tennis-Point-Bundesliga.

The competition had reached its 48th year by the time the 2019 season began. Since the league’s existence, there have been a total of 53 different clubs competing inside it. The TC Blau-Weiss Neuss has won a total of ten titles, making them the most successful club. The reigning champions are TK Grün-Weiss Mannheim.

Because of the widespread coronavirus epidemic, the 2020 season has been scrapped.

Structure-based on competition

Each club will compete against every other club once. In each given encounter, there will be a total of eight singles matches played (often a pair of matches followed by another pair of matches), followed by a pair of doubles matches.

Each match will be played to the conclusion of a best-of-three set, and the third set will be played as a tiebreak to ten points, which will be referred to as the Champions Tiebreak.

In the event that both teams win three of their matches, the game between them has been deemed a draw; nonetheless, sets and games are used as tiebreakers to determine who finishes in first place overall in the league standings. At the end of the season, the title of German champion goes to the team that finished with the most points.


In the upcoming season of the Bundesliga in 2020, the following ten clubs were slated to compete. On the other hand, because the season had to be canceled because of the widespread coronavirus pandemic, the same lineup of teams will simply be utilized for the 2021 season.

The names of the clubs’ sponsors are frequently incorporated into the team names in the Bundesliga. As an illustration, the Rochusclub fields a team in the Bundesliga known as Allpresan Rochusclub Düsseldorf. This team’s name comes from the sponsor of the club.


TK Kurhaus Bad Aachen

Kölner THC Stadion Rot

Rochusclub Düsseldorf

HTC Blau-Weiß Krefeld

TK GW Mannheim

Gladbacher HTC

TC Großhesselohe

TC Blau-Weiß Neuss

TSV 1860 Rosenheim

TuS Sennelager

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