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The 10 Worst Players In La Liga History

La Liga is a men’s professional football league where 20 teams participate. There are a total of 62 teams that have participated in the competition till now but the title has been won by only 9 clubs. And over the years La Liga has found some of the best and most talented players like; Messi, Cristiano Ronaldinho, Ronaldo but there are also some players who have failed to impress. So now let’s check out The 10 Worst Players In La Liga History.

The 10 Worst Players In La Liga History

1. Phillipe Coutinho

 10 Worst Players In La Liga  Phillipe Coutinho
10 Worst Players In La Liga Phillipe Coutinho

Phillipe Coutinho is a Brazilian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for the Spanish club. He is known for his combination of vision, passing, dribbling, and long-range strikes yet he is one of the worst players for La Liga he has a record-breaking transfer fee of €160m. Although he is a very hardworking person he always stands up with good confidence.

  1. Real Name: Philippe Coutinho Correia
  2. Born: 12 June 1992
  3. Born Place: Brazil
  4. Position: Attacking midfielder, Winger
  5. Current Team: Barcelona

2. Luka Jovic

 10 Worst Players In La Liga  Luka Jovic

Luka Jovic is a Serbian professional who plays as a striker for La Lig club Real Madrid and the Serbia national team he was the best player when he scored 36 goals in 70 matches but unfortunately, he failed to do the same with Los Blancos as he just scores only 2 goals in the all entire season which is very disappointing so he is in the list of worst player.

  1. Real Name: Luka Jović
  2. Born: 23rd Dec, 1997
  3. Born Place: Yugoslavia
  4. Position: Striker
  5. Current Team: Real Madird

3. Eden Hazard

 10 Worst Players In La Liga Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard is a professional Belgian footballer who plays as a winger or attacking midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid and captains the Belgium National team he is mainly known for his creativity, dribbling and passing and he is considered as one of the best players for his generation whereas he is also one of the highest-paid players with a fee record of €100 million but unfortunately due to some injuries he is a feature in less game and has a 6 goal score record till now.

  1. Real Name: Eden Michael Hazard
  2. Born: 7 January 1991
  3. Born Place: Belgium
  4. Position: Winger, Attacking Midfielder
  5. Current Team: Real Madrid

4. Ousmane Dembele

 10 Worst Players In La Liga Ousmane Dembele

Ousmane Dembele is a French professional football player who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona and the France national team he is the second most expensive football player with a fee of €105 million in his teenage life he has worked hard and achieve good success but due to some major injuries, his career has fallen down.

  1. Real Name: Masour Ousmane Dembélé
  2. Born: 15th May 1997
  3. Born Place: France
  4. Position: Forward
  5. Current Team: Barcelona

5. Douglas Pereira dos Santos

 10 Worst Players In La Liga  Douglas Pereira dos Santos

Douglas Pereira who is popularly known as Douglas he is popularly known as a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a right-back he comes under the category of worst football players due to his inconsistency and low performance he didn’t earn many names in the La Liga team.

  1. Real Name: Douglas Pereira dos Santos
  2. Born: 6 August 1990
  3. Born Place: Brazil
  4. Position: Right-Back
  5. Current Team: Besiktas

6. Ricardo Quaresma

 10 Worst Players In La Liga Ricardo Quaresma

Ricardo is a professional Portuguese footballer who plays as a Winger for Vitoria de Guimaraés at his teenage time he was facing some problems he wasn’t able to adjust in the club but in a season he has scored only one goal and he was not able to perform well later on.

  1. Real Name: Ricardo Andrade Quaresma Bernardo
  2. Born: 26 September 1983
  3. Born Place: Portugal
  4. Position: Winger
  5. Current Team: Vitoria de Guimaraés

7. Jackson Martinez

 10 Worst Players In La Liga Jackson Martinez

Jackson is a Colombia rapper and professional footballer who play as a striker. In the year 2015 Martinez joined Atletico Madrid for €35 million and ix months later he signed for china € 42 million. Later on, he suffered from an ankle injury, and his all graph came down and also after this he didn’t score much his goals were very less as compare to other players.

  1. Real Name: Jackson Arley Martínez Valencia
  2. Born: 3 October 1986
  3. Born Place: Colombia
  4. Position: Forward
  5. Current Team: NA

8. Denis Suarez

 10 Worst Players In La Liga Denis Suarez

Denis Suarez is a Spanish Football player who plays as a midfielder for Celta Vigo, In his career, he has failed all his fans expectations and he has been constantly transferred into different clubs like; Sevilla, Villareal and a horrible spell yet is one of the worst player lists of the La Liga.

  1. Real Name: Denis Suárez Fernández
  2. Born: 6 January 1994
  3. Born Place: Spain
  4. Position: Midfielder
  5. Current Team: Celta

9. Jonathan Woodgate

 10 Worst Players In La Liga Jonathan Woodgate

Jonathan is an English football manager and former player, he was most recently the manager of AFC Bournemouth, his performance in Real Madrid team in 2004 was very low and his injuries have made his career more fail he has not achieved much in his life.

  1. Real Name: Jonathan Simon Woodgat
  2. Born: 22 January 1980
  3. Born Place: England
  4. Position: Centre Back
  5. Current Team: NA

10. Ben Sahar

 10 Worst Players In La Liga  Ben Sahar

Ben Sahar is an Israeli professional footballer who plays as a striker for Maccabi Hifa and the Israel National Team he is one of the most hard-working people but now he was having some major injury problem due to which he had fallen his football career.

  1. Real Name: Ben Sahar
  2. Born: 19th Aug, 1989
  3. Born Place: Israel
  4. Position: Striker, Winger
  5. Current Team: Maccabi Haifa

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