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The Accolades for Stephen Curry: True or Hype?

Stephen Curry
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This year, Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry was honored with several prestigious achievements. One of it was the NBA championship. Curry is the player in the history of the game which has made the most three-point shots. In addition to this, he has won the Most Valuable Player title for the NBA two years in a row and three times overall. But is Stephen Curry one of the best 10 players in NBA history? If we remove the influence of the euphoria of winning a championship from our deliberations and give it another thought?

Andre Iguodala was awarded the championship MVP trophy after Stephen Curry’s team won their first championship in 2014-2015. Kevin Durant was a co-winner of the next two championships. Additionally, he was recognized as the tournament’s most valuable player both times. The good news for Curry is that he will likely compete in the NBA Finals once more in the not-too-distant future. This will provide him with an additional chance to earn a fourth championship and the award for Most Valuable Player of the Finals.

Other Top NBA Players

In the 75 years that the NBA has been around, there have been a lot of famous players. Hence, it is tough to tell whether or not Stephen Curry is better than any of them. Some of the other NBA Players are Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and many more.

When discussing the top 10 players of the NBA, it is important that we have a perspective in mind. Some are very well-liked by the audience, while others have become more successful on an individual level. Some others have helped their team become more well-known. How much more credit do you give Bryant for winning more rings than Michael Jordan did and generating legitimate parallels to Jordan? Whether or not Stephen Curry is one of the top 10 players in the league is a question whose answer we leave up to you!