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The Best Army Black Knights Running Backs of All Time

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest Army Black Knights running backs ever, college football fans. It includes all of the Army Black Knights’ starting running backs, including both current and former players.

Famous All-Americans, NFL-caliber Army running backs, and Pro Football Hall of Famers make up this Army football roster. The best Army running backs include some of the best college running backs of all time.

Although Army started playing intercollegiate football in 1890,[1] the school’s official record book says the modern era started in 1944. These lists generally do not include records from prior to this year because they are frequently inconsistent and incomplete.

We list below the top 3 est Army Black Knights Running Backs of All Time

#1 Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis admitted that despite having Olympic speed in the 100-yard dash, he didn’t like to run unless it was for a team competition.

Davis almost became the first person to win the coveted Heisman Trophy twice, coming in second place in both 1944 and 1945.

Davis was able to pivot out of reach in the broken field, dodge a defender, and cut through small holes inside the tackle with power and instinct. In 1925, Davis was born in the small town of Claremont in southern California.

#2 Don Blanchard

Don Blanchard and Glenn Davis formed the most prestigious backfield pairing in college football while Blanchard played for Army from 1944 to 1946. Only a 0-0 tie with Notre Dame in 1946 marred Army’s 27-0-1 record during Blanchard’s three years at the school.

In 1944, Army Cadets won the first of two consecutive national championships with a score of 56 points per game. Blanchard won the Heisman Trophy and the Maxwell Award the following season.

Additionally, as America’s best amateur athlete, he became the first football player to win the Sullivan Award. He led the nation in scoring in 1945, scoring 38 touchdowns in 28 games. On defense, Blanchard also played linebacker and kicked for the Army.

#3 Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson joins teammates Bill Carpenter and Pete Dawkins at the national shrine of college football, continuing an extensive tradition of Army football excellence.

Anderson was named to the First Team of the All-America team twice, making him the eighth cadet to do so in his first year of college. He won the Heisman Trophy in 1957 and ran for 983 yards, which was second most in Army history at the time.

He also had 14 touchdowns, ranked second in the nation, and finished seventh. Army’s final undefeated season was in 1958 when he led them to the Lambert Cup and an 8-0-1 record.

He currently ranks ninth with 1,887 rushing yards and eighth with 21 career touchdowns at Army. Anderson was also a tough two-way player who led the team in interceptions in 1957 and 1958.

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