The Best Soccer Countries In The World Of 2022

The FIFA Men’s World Ranking is a ranking system for the confederation’s men’s national team, currently led by Brazil. [1] FIFA’s men’s teams are ranked by their match results, with the most successful teams at the top. The rating was launched in December 1992.

A total of 8 teams (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain) have been ranked number one, with Brazil being number one for the longest time. Points are awarded based on the results of all FIFA-sanctioned international competitions using a points system.

The rating system has been revised several times, mainly in response to criticism that the previous calculation method did not effectively reflect the relative strength of a national unit. As of August 16, 2018, the current version of the rating system uses the Elo scoring system used in chess.

The rating is currently sponsored by Coca-Cola; hence the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking name is also used. Coca-Cola also sponsors its female colleagues.


It’s been a long time since Brazil last won the World Cup, but Brazil is more passionate about soccer than ever. They also produce top talent and those players also go to Europe for the best money. Because of your support, there is so much hope for this country.

They are expected to win every international match and fans are wondering what would happen if they don’t come together. South America has developed a rather slow pace of interest in women’s football, but Brazil is the best on the continent. Considered one of the best female soccer players, Marta is instrumental in inspiring the nation.


In terms of countries, Belgium seems to be firmly in the top ten at the moment.

They have success in the World Cup, but they haven’t done much in the tournament itself. In 1986 they reached the semi-finals, but with their talent they should have achieved more.


Italians are the envy of many countries, simply for their stability. Decade after decade, they are always at their best. Their men’s team has four World Cup trophies and the women’s team isn’t bad. Yes, things aren’t always perfect, but they’re still big players.

Their domestic league, Serie A, is also one of the best in the world. From Juventus to Roma, there are several teams that compete for the Champions League every year.


Was football invented in England? Although the actual origin story of the game is not set in stone, many believe that this is where the game originated. However, this is one country that takes the sport very seriously.

As well as having a truly passionate fan base, England is also home to the Premier League. It is considered by many to be the best and most balanced domestic league in the world.


Argentina haven’t had as much international success as some of these top nations, but they have all the stars you could want. Maradona and Lionel Messi are the most talked about and they both have their own reasons for being the best footballers of all time.

Several domestic teams have done a good job of keeping talent at home, but the best players usually travel to Europe for international competition. If they manage to win the World Cup soon, they can legitimately enter the discussion as the best soccer nation in the world.


In the last few decades, the Spaniard has lived through a golden age of football. They are major players in almost every international tournament and their team has a very supportive fan base.

La Liga has become one of the most competitive leagues in the world, led by teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid.


As the defending World Cup champions, France currently has plenty of bragging rights. Not only are there a large number of top players, including Mbappe, but their domestic league is getting better and better. Paris Saint-Germain might be the most talented team in the world right now, especially after signing Lionel Messi to a new contract.

The women’s side of French football is not sleeping either. They are the top five team and one of the best contenders for the next World Cup.


Holland’s best may be behind them, but they remain one of the most consistent teams in football history. They have always been competitive at international level and have produced some stars who play in European leagues.

In addition, they have some teams that are among the best domestic clubs in the world. The latest example is Ajax, who have made some progress in the Champions League over the past decade. The Dutch are very proud of what they have achieved.


In terms of countries, Belgium seems to be firmly in the top ten at the moment.

They have success in the World Cup, but they haven’t done much in the tournament itself. In 1986 they reached the semi-finals, but with their talent they should have achieved more.


When the World Cups started in the 1930s and 1950s, Uruguay won the title. They haven’t done much since then, although they did reach the semi-finals in 2010. They have strong players to show the world that South America is not just Brazil and Argentina, but it is hard to be consistent when the country is so small.

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