The current WWE star once had heat with Roman Reigns in developmental

Roman Reigns appears to have a high level of respect among his peers, as evidenced by WWE Superstar’s interviews with the media. The current WWE star had a heated relationship with him in developmental work. 10 years prior, the equivalent couldn’t be said when The Clan leader previously experienced one of his future principal program rivals’ information.

In August 2012, Baron Corbin, whose real name is Tom Pestock, joined WWE’s NXT brand. The former American footballer quickly developed a bad reputation backstage, primarily as a result of his nonchalant attitude toward the wrestling industry. He even received a nickname from locker room members: “Tom’s football.

Roman Reigns was one of the formative framework’s most blazing possibilities at that point. He talked about how he first felt about the man with whom he had beef in a 2019 interview on the After The Bell podcast hosted by Corey Graves:

“One thing, he (Corbin) did get a reaction from the boys back then, right? Reigns stated They were like, Dude, you’re going to get fired if you don’t get in the ring” when it came time for him to get in the ring because he rubbed us the wrong way. He got it, he’s a major person, he has ideal timing. I’ll grant that to him.”

During WWE’s European tour in November 2019, Reigns faced the former United States Champion in a series of matches. In addition, during their early stages of development, it did not appear likely that that fight would take place on a large stage:

I would have yelled, “Get the hell out of here!” if you had told me I would be leading a European tour with Football Tom. Yes, that’s correct,” Reigns added.
Since December 15, 2019, the leader of the Bloodline has not lost a WWE match by pinfall. The defeat came against Corbin at WWE TLC.

Roman Reigns is not the only person who had issues with Baron Corbin

Not only did Roman Reigns have issues with Baron Corbin, but Corey Graves was also a part of the same NXT development system as Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin. The RAW announcer discovered that his coworker wasn’t so bad after spending a lot of time with Corbin.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were informed by Graves that Corbin truly cared about the wrestling industry. Rollins, like Roman Reigns, was skeptical at first:

Graves said, “Guys, I think Football Tom… he might not be so bad,” and I remember saying. Wait, what are you discussing?’ Rollins’ response was, “What, no way?” No, he was asking about how we got by in the islands, and that was pretty much all anyone wanted [Corbin to demonstrate that he was serious].”

Corbin was promoted to the main roster in 2016 after spending nearly four years in development. From that point forward, the 2019 Lord of the Ring champ has secured himself as one of the most generally hated antagonists of his age.

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