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The event will take place at the Catena Arena, which is home to the European champions aims to educate Rögle fans on how to use the blockchain

The event, which will take place on December 30th, will include educational content, a free mint for the first 500 fans, and face-to-face interaction with The Nordic Whales, cryptocurrency experts.The Locker Token app makes it simple to create NFTs for the team, giving them .

The ability to mint any NFTs that fans might be interested in. The event has been planned to assist fans in taking their first steps into blockchain, in keeping with the partnership.The Nordic Whales, native to the area and just 20 minutes from the stadium, will organize and support the event.

Due to their close proximity to the team, the AMA enthusiasts are able to provide educational content in both English and Swedish.After scanning the QR code for the event, the first 500 attendees will be treated to a special treat. They will receive a free mint as a result, and an additional 6500 .

Will be minted on the day that they can be purchased. In terms of rarity, the first 500 will be chosen at random.

Locker Token is an ecosystem for sports teams and athletes that connects fans and athletes themselves through a distinct asset class and enables them to future-proof and monetize their respective offerings through blockchain.

The ecosystem features a number of the world’s best ice hockey teams and players, despite being a relatively new project: Manchester Storm, Rögle BK, and HC Bolzano More ice hockey and other sports teams are being added to Locker, with the goal of bringing each team’s fan base to the company as engaged customers and fans.

Due to Locker’s close connection to Ethereum as an ERC20 token, the recent decline.

In Ethereum’s price has dragged the price of $LKT along with it. Despite the downturn in the market as a whole, the team has continued to build and develop new partnerships.

At the time of this writing, the team is having a mixed season, ranking ninth in the league standings. However, they have won two of their last three games, and Adam Tambellini, who has scored 12 league goals thus far, has been a big part of the team’s offensive play.

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