The file sizes of the free monthly PlayStation Plus games for December 2022 have been revealed

The games will be available in a few days, and fans now know how much space they need.
The file sizes of the free PlayStation Plus monthly games for December 2022 have now been made public.

Every month, PS Plus members in all three tiers get access to around three free games in addition to cloud storage and online multiplayer. These titles can be played by subscribers who add them to their accounts until the end of their membership.

The complete PS Plus lineup for December 2022 was recently made public by Sony. On December 6, 2022, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers from all three tiers.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition was the only one of the three that did not receive a native PS5 release; however, fans can still play it on Sony’s current-generation console through backward compatibility.

Members of PS Plus now have a clearer idea of how much space each game will need to store.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition will require 85.082 GB of PlayStation console storage, according to PlayStation Game Size on Twitter.

Additionally, the game’s EU version will require an additional 20 GB due to its multilingual support.PS Plus subscribers should be aware that PS4 games require additional storage on a PS5 console; consequently, fans can anticipate that the Mass Effect Legendary Edition will use a significant amount of space.

The PS5 version of Biomutant requires 12.341 GB of storage space, whereas the PS4 version requires 11.108 GB. This makes the remaining two games relatively small. Divine Knockout is the smallest game in the December lineup, requiring only 3-8 GB on the PlayStation 5 and 4-8 GB on the PlayStation 4.

Players interested in Biomutant and Divine Knockout should be able to play them without having to delete another game, but it appears that PlayStation Plus members will need to clear a lot of storage space in order to download Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Every month, PlayStation Game Size usually shows how much storage PS Plus games need. Fans can anticipate finding their file sizes once Sony announces the full lineup because this holds true for the titles coming to PS Plus Extra and Premium.

Before their scheduled release, the same account confirms the amount of space that some new games will require. It recently disclosed, for instance, that the PS5 version of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will consume 20.993 GB of storage space.

This number is less than half of what the PS4 version needs for storage, which is 40.496 GB on PlayStation consoles.

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