The Indian men’s hockey team finally defeated Australia

A goal by the Indian men’s team against Australia is celebrated for Hockey Australia Hardik Singh hits the ball straight down the turf with one minute left for the final hooter.Akashdeep Singh receives the ball from Mandeep Singh just outside the circle, turns, and with one touch, places the ball inside the net.This is a typical Australian goal, but India scored it this time.From the defense to the attacking area and goal, just three to four touches
India won the Match No. 4-3 thanks to this strike.3 in the series of Tests.They finally ended their 12-game losing streak against Australia by maintaining their lead until the 60th minute.In fact, excluding shootouts, this is India’s first victory over Australia since 2016.
First and foremost, PR Sreejesh and the defense deserve praise.The team had scored 12 goals in its previous two games and lost both of them.Graham Reid, India’s head coach, had previously talked about making adjustments without changing the team’s natural style.The Australians were man-marked and the spaces between the midfield and defense were reduced as a result of those adjustments on Wednesday.

Australia took advantage of the gaps in the middle of the field and made.

The Indians pay, particularly in the second match of the series, when they scored seven goals.India compacted their midfield for this one, and the one-on-one defense was generally strong throughout the game.In contrast to previous matches, Australia’s devastating efficiency, typically seen in a span of one or two quarters, was not enough to win the match.
India was still in the game despite Australia’s 2-1 lead at the start of the final quarter because of their overall improvement.Sreejesh’s form was giving India a chance, despite the fact that India’s defense made Australia harder to beat.In the second quarter, the seasoned goalkeeper had already made a fantastic triple save to keep India ahead 1-0.

During a match between India and Australia, Harmanpreet Singh the fourth quarter, with India leading 3-2, Sreejesh made a brilliant split save by blocking the shot with his right leg.He saved another penalty corner a few seconds later, but Nathan Ephraums got the rebound and turned the chance into a goal from close range to make it 3-3.

Then there was Akashdeep Singh, who proved a point.

When he scored his goal in the series’ opening match, Akashdeep showed the world that he belonged in the team.He completed his hat trick by scoring two more goals in the same game.
Akashdeep had a point to prove after missing the Pro League matches against Spain and New Zealand.His best chance to secure a spot in India’s 2023 World Cup squad came during this tour of Australia.He has done more than enough up to this point.
For Hockey Australia In the third match, Akashdeep won the penalty corner that resulted in a goal when India was trailing 1-2 in the final quarter.He took the ball on the left side of the circle and dribbled with control to push the ball toward the Australian defender’s foot, earning the penalty corner.India went for a variety and Abhishek guaranteed India attracted level the initial moment of the last quarter.
After that, India won the match when Akashdeep scored in the final minute, proving once more how important it is to have a player with experience.He calmly completed the task after receiving the pass from Mandeep and surrounded by players.
India maintained their 2-1 lead in the five-match series thanks to this well-deserved victory.Weekend matches will be the next two.

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