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The Most Hated Players In The NFL Right Now

Over the course of the past ten years, Tom Brady, the quarterback for the New England Patriots, has unquestionably been the player in the NFL who has received the most derision. This could be due to the fact that he has won three Super Bowls or because people find Brady to be too competitive.

According to Forbes, a report that was released earlier this year revealed that Brady was one of the athletes who were derided the most not only in the NFL but also around the world. In addition to Brady, which other NFL players rank highest in terms of hate?

Here are The Most Hated Players In The NFL Right Now :

5. Bart Scott :

Bart Scott, a linebacker for the New York Jets, spent the first seven years of his career working with Ray Lewis, a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. During this time, Scott learned not only how to become a top linebacker but also how to trash talk.

Scott has perfected his ability to trash talk since joining the Jets, and he’s taking it to a whole new level. Scott has made threats against Wes Welker of the New England Patriots and even informed the media that “everyone” wants to be the New York Jets. Bart, that’s fine.

4. Carson Palmer :

Although Carson Palmer’s inclusion on the list may come as a surprise, he has certainly talked his way into it. Palmer made it clear publicly earlier this offseason that he wants to be traded or he will retire if he plays for the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2011 season.

This is a lot of talk from a quarterback whose performance over the past five seasons has been mediocre at best. Palmer has only completed 62% of his passes since 2006, has thrown 20 interceptions twice, and has a passer rating of 86.7.

3. Antonio Cromartie :

Antonio Cromartie hasn’t been able to control his mouth since joining the Jets on the biggest stage in the world. He just doesn’t get it. On the HBO show Hard Knocks, Cromartie revealed that he has eight children but has trouble naming them all.

Since then, Cromartie has publicly referred to Tom Brady as an “a–hole” and been involved in a “Twitter battle” with Matt Hasselbeck.

2. Randy Moss :

First and foremost, I am certain to be the most ardent opponent of Randy Moss there is. Moss is one of the NFL’s most self-centered players, and he is nothing more than an immature child. Moss became the first player in NFL history to play for all three bad teams in a single season in 2010.

Moss had talked his way out of New England and Minnesota, and now he doesn’t know when to stop talking. He simply does not grasp it!

1. Cortland Finnegan :

Cortland Finnegan, a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans, is one of the most “scummy” players who can’t stop talking. In point of fact, Finnegan’s “goal” is to talk so much trash that the other player will snap.

In 2010, Finnegan got under Andre Johnson’s skin so badly for the Houston Texans that Johnson couldn’t take it anymore and let Finnegan have it during a fight. I don’t know about you, but Cortland Finnegan has absolutely no respect for me.

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