The NBA Bubble Season Is Over For Adam Silver?! Viral Video Exposed Later “Critical Altering” Claims

In 2020, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver made the announcement that a “Bubble Tournament” would be held in Florida to choose the champion of that season. The pandemic forced the league to come up with creative ways to end a season that could have been lost. Another brilliant troll project from Buttcrack Sports left some fans in complete awe and confusion.

” We came to the conclusion that the NBA bubble season should never have happened. All statistics and awards will be deleted. This is because new information has shown that a magnet was put in game balls and on the rim during the finals. Over the past year, the NBA has hired private investigators to conduct the investigation. They tracked down huge altering during their hunt.”

The video clearly shows that Adam Silver cleverly dubbed everything he said. The truth is in opposition to what Silver is attempting to convey in this clip.

Six games separated the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat in 2020. The partnership between LeBron James and Anthony Davis had only just begun. Due to the circumstances, some analysts and fans wanted to mark that championship with an asterisk, but the NBA has not done so.

Since the bubble tournament, the LA Lakers have not won the NBA championship.

The LA Lakers haven’t been the same since beating the Miami Heat to win the NBA title in 2020. A season later, the Phoenix Suns defeated them in the first round. Despite the addition of Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles did not advance past the regular season. Due to their embarrassing season, they were the NBA’s favorite joke.

Before the trade deadline, the Lakers are making a flurry of moves in an effort to reclaim their playoff spot. The Lakers are 11th in the Western Conference with a 30-33 win-loss record heading into tonight’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

After their fifth loss in a row, the LA Clippers fall to eighth place.

The Los Angeles Clippers have had a difficult couple of weeks. After the All-Star break, they have lost five games and are winless. They suffered heartbreaking defeats in two games against the Sacramento Kings, including a one-point defeat on Friday and a high-scoring overtime contest.

Additionally, the Clippers were defeated in overtime by the Denver Nuggets, while the Minnesota Timberwolves outplayed them on Tuesday (February 28). A day later, they were up by a good margin against the Golden State Warriors, but they lost.

With a 33-33 record, the Clippers are the eighth seed in the Western Conference after losing to the Kings recently. They are just 1.5 games ahead of the LA Lakers, who are in 11th place, and three games behind the Phoenix Suns (35-29).

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