The NFL playoff picture gets more complicated after Week 16

The Eagles (13-2) only require one more victory to secure playoff home-field advantage, but the Cowboys’ 40-34 loss to Dallas (11-4) kept their slim hopes of securing the top spot alive.

Minshew Mania has been put on hold. The No. The Philadelphia Eagles were unable to fill the one spot. 1 seed with their backup quarterback, which decreased their chances of making the playoffs in a very competitive conference.

The Eagles (13-2) only require one more victory to secure playoff home-field advantage, but the Cowboys’ 40-34 loss to Dallas (11-4) kept their slim hopes of securing the top spot alive.

With Jalen Hurts in the lineup and backup Cooper Rush starting for the Cowboys, Philadelphia defeated Dallas at home. Minshew took Damages’ place at quarterback for the Cattle rustlers instead of the injured Damages. Dak Prescott took over for Damages.

Since Hurts and Prescott will meet for the first time this season, it’s possible that the teams will meet again in the playoffs. After the Eagles’ two 10-point losses, defensive tackle Fletcher Cox declared, “I think this is a really (ticked)-off team right now.” We were disappointed with the result. We know what kind of club we are, and I think this team is seriously off.

The San Francisco 49ers (11-4) and Minnesota Vikings (12-3) are competing for position after winning their respective divisions. Any of the main three spots could be asserted by both of these groups. Despite the number, the number The top seed receives a bye into the first round. The second group has the opportunity to play two games to end the season.

After Greg Joseph kicked a 61-yard field objective to give Minnesota a 27-24 triumph over the Beasts on Saturday, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins said, “I accept we are overall mindful of the meaning of endeavoring to get the right seed position, however there’s a ton in that that is outside of our reach.” We unquestionably control a crucial component. Playing each game and allowing the chips to choose where they could go toward the year’s end is everything necessary. Before moving on, you try to win each of these games.

The No. 1 spot is open to seven teams. 1 spot, and four division titles remain to be won. In the two weeks that remain, the No. in both the NFC and AFC, one seed.

With their 35-13 victory over Chicago on Saturday, the Buffalo Bills (12-3) maintained their AFC lead. However, they will face a formidable opponent on Monday night in Cincinnati. The Bengals, who are the AFC champions and are currently 11-4, still have a shot at the No. 1 spot as a result of their seven victories in a row. 1 seed. They risk losing their lead over Cincinnati and the AFC North to the Baltimore Ravens (10-5) in Week 18 assuming that they neglect to win.

Joe Burrow and the Bengals will have the support of the 12-3 Kansas City Chiefs if they win against Buffalo. With victories over Denver and Las Vegas and a loss or tie by the Bills, the seven-time champions of the AFC West would have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

“Clearly, our destiny is not in our hands in terms of the number. “We need to set ourselves in the best situation to be at GEHA Field at Pointed stone Arena as much as could reasonably be expected in the games at the end of the season, and that requires us getting better as a group every week,” said bosses quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Let’s put together that complete game, including special teams, offense, and defense. I figured we did a very great job on Saturday, however we can be far superior in the following fourteen days since you need to play your best football in the end of the season games. That, in my opinion, is the area in which we must continue to improve. You should be playing your best football heading into the playoffs.

The NFC South and AFC South could be won by two teams that lose.

All three teams have a shot at winning the NFC South: the Carolina Panthers, who are 6-9, the New Orleans Saints, who are 6-9, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who are 6-8. At the point when Tom Brady and the Privateers play the Jaguars on January 1, almost certainly, the division will be picked.

In the AFC South, the Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8) and Tennessee Titans (7-8) have lost ground. The division champion is unknown when the Panthers host the Titans in Week 18.

It’s fitting that only eight teams have been eliminated from playoff contention heading into Sunday’s games in an NFL season filled with close games and comeback victories.

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