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The relative costs of a MotoGP bike?

Motorcycling is a very expensive sport in any category, and because MotoGP is the highest level of technological development, it costs a lot of money, up to tens of millions of euros. On a bike, everything costs a lot, even the less expensive items.

According to, a satellite team’s annual budget is roughly 15 million euros ($15.814.713/£12.902.093), while a factory team can have a budget of 40 million euros ($42.168.858/£34.404.323).

A crucial component, the engine can cost anywhere from €200,000 (210.862/£172.027) to €250,000 (263.578/£215.034).

The gearbox can be expected to cost around €650,000 (685.304/£559.090).

The Magnetti Marelli engine control unit (ECU) costs approximately €100,000 (105.431/£86.013), and other components like the dashboard cost approximately €2,500 (2.635/£2.150). The fairings are fundamental for the bicycle’s presentation and have an expected expense of two euros ($2,10/£1,72) per 100 grams.

On brakes, the front brake unit can approach €70,000 ($73.801/£60.209), while the swingarm is around €250,000 ($263.578/£215.034) when it is in carbon fiber – an expense that rejects innovative work. Michelin sells magnesium wheels for around €4,000 ($4.217/£3.440).

Then there are the variable costs associated with bicycle accidents. Depending on the severity of the collision, minor damage can cost as little as €10,000 ($10.543/£8.601), while major damage can cost as much as €100,000 ($105.431/£86.013).

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