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The stampede of the champions league Final: the report said there were more than 30,000 fans with Fake tickets

An investigation report into the stampede at the Champions League final match in Paris on 29 May has reported that the stampede that day was caused by a glitch in the Champions League app. After the match, the Government of French and match officials told that many fans had come to watch this match from Liverpool’s side. The match was between English club Liverpool and Spanish club Real Madrid. It was the final match of the Champions League. There were some problems in the match due to the strike of the Transport Department and also from the local people.

An independent investigation was done by the management. The report of the investigation came out on Tuesday. It revealed a software glitch in UEFA’s digital ticket. Another fault is found in the Management staff. There was no trained staff on the duty during the match. This resulted in a stampede in the field.


The security team used Poles and tear gases to control the stampede

Real Madrid won 1-0 in the final match. But, more discussions were held about the security rather m than the final match. Security had to intervene after more than the expecting capacity, spectators reached to watch the match live on the ground. The security personnel used tear gas even on the children and also on the poles.

There was a fault in the QR code scanner

The investigation report raises many questions on the claims of the ground and technical management. Ground management said that around 30,000 tickets were fack. As per the instruction, fans had not turned on Bluetooth on their device, due to which there were problems in catching fake tickets and there was confusion during the final. The technician who made the QR code scanner app said that the connectivity issue was fixed a few days before the match. And also that problem came up again during the match itself.

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